What is TGSAT: Summary

For Everyone Who Desires To Study Theology
A Quality Theological Seminary Without Tuition-Fees


  • Tuition-free correspondence Bible Seminary courses
  • All textbooks are supplied FREE via downloads
  • Study Bible and Theology School courses at own pace
  • Enroll in a Bible Seminary without leaving your job
  • Seminary level masters and doctoral programs
  • Unique courses in Apologetics and Biblical Archeology
  • Students in more than 140 countries
  • Strictly Accredited,  By Choice, Theology and Bible Courses

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41 thoughts on “What is TGSAT: Summary

  1. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose work we shall continue to do until He comes for His church, amen.

    Please, I found your institution on the internet offering free theological courses. In fact, I was very happy when I saw this information because, I had the call of God since the year 2005 but there was no help to attend a seminary. So I found this a welcome relief because I want to know more about God so that whenever I am ministering to the people of God, I will be able to deliver well.

    Sir, please, I would like the materials to be sent to me by post because I have more time at home for better comprehension than visiting the internet cafe always.

    Thank you very much.
    Richard B.K. Akumiah-Adzakwasi

  2. “For Everyone Who Desires To Study Theology”-that’s me. DTh interest. This is an excellent school that is highly recommended.

  3. Glory be to God the Almighty. At last God has answered my prayers. I have always prayed to get a free theology degree since I can’t afford to pay tuition.
    Please allow me to study this free theology course.

  4. Gods blessing .
    I am starting a ministry ..Christian Mission Alliance..in Papua New Guinea ..
    I need to develop my skills in biblical leadership and develop other leaders..
    Please enroll me in your free coarses..

  5. For almost two years I have been searching for an opportunity to study theology but was unable to pay tuition. Today i am bursting with joy becaus my prayers for that opportunity has now been answered…I am giving God all the glory and I thank you so very much!

  6. I have a first degree in Zoology and a postgraduate Diploma in Theology. I again obtained another Diploma in Theology. I would like to enrol in your online tuition free programme since I can not afford tuition. Thanks.

  7. I applied for Bachelor of Theology a month ago using initial application form and I had put all the necessary details, I am yet to receive the approval for the final application form.

    Will you please assist me in this regard,

    Godfrey Kudzai Mudzengerere

  8. I was happy that your institution offering a tuition free seminary, and i want to apply this now…since i longed to be in the seminary for past years but i don’t enough time because it complicate my work…

  9. I am interested in the M.Div program.
    Your website claims “FREE” everywhere. What are the hidden costs?

  10. Please are you still admitting students? I want to complete my application I masters in religious education. Still waiting.

  11. I have MA so i want to know more about theology. Would you give me opportunity to start my PhD. thanks

  12. I was so glad to have seen this kind of opportunity. Please does the School have any physical address? Thank you

  13. I have not had the chance to finish my doctorate in theology from Trinity College. I am now able to continue after many years.

  14. Hi Dr. Phillip:

    I’m coming back to finish my D.R.E. degree starting tomorrow, and have changed to a new computer and a new email address which is jbarnhart5640@yahoo.com Could you please email me back? I have found a publisher for my book and would like to tell you about it.

    Thank You

    Dr. Jeff L.Barnhart DMin.

  15. What is the quickest we can finish the program? I understand the maximum time allowed is two years but is there a minimum?

  16. Please send me an on line PhD application. I have an MA in Christian Counseling from Bethany Bible College in Dothan, Alabama, a BA in Psychology and a BA in Human Services from Trinity College in Burlington, Vermont.k

  17. It has always been my desire to help in spreading the words of God. To be enrolled in a theology course for FREE is a bonus to me. Thanks God for this opportinoty…

  18. God richly bless you for this opportunity to study the Bible and get a certificate. I am pastoring a church which I planted. I will like to register my church . But I have to first get credentials. To get this I have to have Bible College certificates . I will be very happy if you can enroll me .Thank you

  19. I applied for Master of Theology course on February 8, but to date I have not received any response apart the electronic acknowledgement.

  20. Dear sir
    Thanks for the information about TGSAT. I am interested in enrolling for a DTh degree. What is the the right procedure to follow for registering.
    S S Mnguni

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