Adam Phiri, Botswana

Studying with Trinity was one of the best decisions I have made. I am doing my Masters in Counseling and I must say I could not get such high quality education anywhere in the world tuition-free. I must admit that when I received the first modules, I was amazed at the well researched, text lessons. My friends kept saying “this can’t be free” It is too good to be free.

The text lessons are well researched and help cultivate a high standard of learning. The text lessons are very well prepared articulated and are easy to navigate. I am profoundly impressed by the commitment put into the compiling of these lessons.

The faculty truly cares about their students and provides them with the ability to succeed. The lecturers have a remarkable ability to unmask the realities of our present social contexts. By developing my own critical thinking it has thereby enabled me to perceive as never before many of the factors in our Christian walk.

The CDs and VCDs are so compacted with lectures and the lecturers have an unbelievable knack of taking a complex subject and making it seem simple. This has really prepared me above and beyond the expectations I came with. From extensive course offerings to dedicated faculty members, my experience at Trinity is so interactive and good.

I have been greatly blessed, my future has never been so clear. I know where I am going. My understanding of world views and the passion in apologetics has been birthed as a result of the first few modules. So enjoyable! I keep growing spiritually, I can feel it… I didn’t know what to expect and I don’t think I could fully describe the courses to anyone but would recommend it wholeheartedly!

If you are considering schools for your Studies please choose Trinity, it has comprehensible, enjoyable and useful Courses. “Astounding! Remarkable and inspiring to see how one can learn in such an understandable way. The tutorial staff is always most helpful and polite, Dr. Johnson C. Philip the Principal and Liaison for International Students is a pleasure to work with, always keen to help.

Give Trinity a try and you won’t be disappointed. The lessons and courses will exceed your expectations. For me it has been a wonderful experience so far and I look forward to eventually tackling the doctorate program!” Honestly “. I couldn’t have chosen a better educational program in terms of content, quality, and faculty/mentors.

Adam Phiri, MTh Student

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  1. I am willing to expand my knowledge in God born again christian willing to study in ur school.. leardership, ministry.. great knowledge in theory..

  2. Hi, I would like to continue study theology in your institution.i did diploma in pastoral theology at BBTI.

  3. Hello I would like to know how long is a diploma course, also i would like to know where are your offices in Botswana. How about the fees, costs and ways and means of payments.

  4. Is the school accridated? How can one get enrolled/ admission into the school? For deegree courses how long does it last?

  5. Greetings in Jesus’s name. I would like to know how long is a diploma course, short courses and about accreditation by BQA. How about the fees, costs and ways and means of payments

  6. greetings in the name of Jesus , i would like to know your services, can i study bible on distance ?

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