Bachelor of Ministry

BMin Bachelor of Ministry: BMin is an entry level theological diploma course where one learns the basics of Bible and Theology with emphasis upon Christian ministry.
Admission Requirements You must be 18 years or older, with preferably 12 years of schooling. However, if you are 18 or older but you do not have the required schooling, you can still apply and we will give you additional course material to take care of the academic deficiency.
Time Available You have 2 years to complete the course at an accelerated pace. In case you fail to complete the course in 2 years, you can renew for up to three years on payment of an annual renewal fees.
Syllabus All the textbooks and reading-materials listed below are given via free downloads. You do not have to buy anything. Each numbered textbook shown below is a “Course Module” worth 1 to 3 credit hours.
Essential Apologetics Essential Apologetics is a set of course modules which every student of Trinity needs to study once. This means that whatever the diploma which you join, you need to study this first and then take other courses. Essential Apologetics is listed at the beginning of every diploma program to indicate that no student is exempt from studying them. You need to study them only once, even if you join multiple diploma programs.

Course Modules:

  • M01A1 Introduction
  • M02A1 Presuppositions
  • M03A1 History
  • M04A1 Canon
  • M05A1 Revelation
  • Readings (3 Documents)


  • M10A1 Intro to Tools
  • M10A2 Preparation
  • M10P1 What is Proof
  • M11A1 Errors of Interp
  • M12A1 Bible Difficulties
  • M13A1 Science Difficulties
  • M14A1 Propaganda Analysis
  • M15A1 Manipulation Analysis
  • M16A1 Manipulation Resisting
  • M17A1 Logic & Errors
  • M18A1 Debating Techniques
  • M19A1 Resisting Debate
  • M20A1 Leading Questions
  • M20U1 Using Apologetics

Course Modules:

  • BM001 Approach To Apol
  • BM002 Creation&Flood
  • BM003 Post Flood
  • BM004 Mysticism/Christianity
  • BM005 Truth/Social-Reform
Bible Survey

Course Modules:

  • BM020 Joshua To Ruth
  • BM021 Samuel
  • BM022 Kings
  • BM023 Chronicles
  • BM024 Ezra To Esther
  • BM026 Corinthians to Philippians
  • BM027 Colossians to James
  • BM028 Peter To Revelation
Church And Management

Course Modules:

  • BM032  The Church
  • BM033 Church Planting
  • BM034 Developing The Church

Course Modules:

  • BM036 Healing Wounds
  • BM037 Spiritual Abuse

Course Modules:

  • BM040 Ethics
  • BM041 Bio Ethics
  • BM042 God/Evil/Suffering
  • BM043 Culture And Corruption
Family Ministry

Course Modules:

  • BM051 Devel Family Ministry
    • BM052 Bib Found Family

Developing  Children Ministries Targeted At the Following:

  • BM053 Fellowship With Christ
  • BM054 Godly Boldness
  • BM055 Practical Christianity
  • BM056 Godly Love
  • BM057 Presenting Christ, Part 1, 2, 3

Course Modules:

  • BM060 Meaning of Scriptures 

Course Modules:

  • BM061 Effect. Ch. Organization
  • BM062  Effective Leadership
  • BM063 Reproducing Churches
  • BM064 Effective Ministry
  • BM065 Team Leadership
  • BM066 Ministry Skills
  • BM067 Effective Evangelism
  • BM068 Effective Follow Up
  • BM069 Devel Creative Christians
  • BM070 Leaders Attitude of Christ
  • BM071 L Becoming Like Savior
  • BM072 L Becoming Shepherdlike
  • BM073 Leaders Becoming Like Their Teacher
  • BM074 Leaders Who Are Led
  • BM075 Leaders Who Serve
  • BM076 Servant Leadership
  • BM077 Developing Reproducing Christians
Practical Life

Course Modules:

  • BM080 Discipleship
  • BM081 Authentic Christianity
  • BM082 Spiritual Warfare
  • BM083 Body Life
  • BM084 Spirit Filled Life
  • BM085 Displaying God’s Glory
  • BM086 Building up One Another
  • BM087 Developing Reproducing Christians
  • BM088 Foundation For Healthy Marriage

Additional Reading Materials For The Whole Program

  • 13 Books (supplied by Trinity)
Practical Work The student will have to develop and submit two courses of 6 to 10 lessons, similar to what can be seen at Apologetics Courses or Free Courses. They should choose the subject soon after joining Trinity.

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  1. I wish to enroll in ur i could have deeper understanding about ministry as a pastor.i will glad if my wish is granted.pastor ezekiel CLETUS.

  2. Hi, I would love to enroll as well into the Bachelor of Ministry course as well to better equip me with my calling and appointment as a Pastor.


  4. I peraise God for coming across your Theological institution which i believe will help me inproved as a minister of the gospel of Christ Jesus.I have already filled the application form, but need your help of the next thing to do before starting my reguired courses as a new student.
    I eagerly await your response.

  5. I have a question…should one be a pastor to study BMin? I am interested, as Jesus has called me to work for His ministry, but first I need to study …but I am not a pastor….presently I am a working woman. Could I enroll my name for BMin?

  6. It’s glorious to find an organization that is spreading the gospel through teaching. I’ve started the enrolling process and I hope I’ll start my course very soon. God bless you.

  7. I desire to increase my knowledge of my God and savior. I have a hunger and thirst after righteousness. I want to minister to those who need,and encourage those who are already believers.

  8. I have heard the calling and I wish to minister to all poeple in need. I love to help people.

  9. I have been searching for something and I wasn’t sure until I came across trinnity I now am hopefull thank you

  10. its a wonder that such great opportunity has been given to enrich and nourish ourselves in the knowledge and ministry of our Lord andSavior Jesus Christ.i do not know how much to express this in words of men but to say a big thank you and the overwhelming blessings of God to remain on you forever.

  11. I would love to enrol for this course.Am pastor in Nairobi Kenya aged 30. I have 12 years experience in Ministry.

  12. I am without any doubt that i have been called for ministry. Having to enroll in this programme would equip me beyond doubt and prepare me for tasks ahead. I love it because it covers almost all aspects of life.

  13. I am called into ministry with my husband who is the pastor of our local church. Will you help me learn and I will study. I am very interested in the study which you called “Bachelor of Ministry”. How do I sign up for this?
    I have read the course module and with God’s help we can do this.

  14. This is an awesome program, This is what true ministry is all about and I am proud to be a student of “Bachelor of Ministry” here at Trinity.

  15. I am currently a student at Liberty University, but the price is a little high. I would definitely make the switch if.. A)this program can lead to my being Ordaned by the church and B)this is an accredited Degree that is recognized by the Assemblies of God. Could you please contact me VIA e mail? Thank you and God Bless.

  16. Hello beloved of the Lord,I am very interested do study Bachelor of Ministry, surely i will be equiped in the Ministry. I have already enrolled electroncally, please advice me whats next. May God bless and hope hearing from you.

  17. I must not be left out in this enrollment.I need it desperately as a Christian leadership and management consultant. Thanks for given me this opportunity.

  18. i am happy to enroll in trinity. since, i am a pastor’s son, its my duty to know the bible in detail and all the inner aspects to reveal the
    word of god to the unknown and to the other religion people. It will help me to do something great in ministries. Thanks a lot…

  19. I have been in the ministry for more than 28 years. I have never had the opportunity to go to seminary. My training is from the “School of Hard knocks.” At least God’s getting the glory. I believe your course will allow me to advance and become all God would have me to be. Thank you for making this opportunity possible for me!

  20. I believe Trinity will help me to achieve the education I need to pursue God’s calling.

  21. thanks for the opportunity,please enroll me for the course,i am a full time minister,I’ve not attended a theological college due to financial constraints,& i know this will greatly enhance my work.God bless you so much!

  22. Hi mine name is JOSE ,i thank god for you , couse i been looking for theology degres , but i cant afford them, but now i found you. i wold like to have a deep understanding of the bible, and become a god minester. please enroll me in this program. thank you and god bless you

  23. Ghanaians should please contact REV. PETER WHITE for any information on how to enrol at TRINITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS AND THEOLOGY. I will be happy to share with you whatever information you may need about trinity. You are welcome


  24. Hello! I want to study about Theology in your school! But I need to ask some informations about your courses! Can you give me some information about your University! Thanks so much!

  25. Am engaged in God’s ministry for 17 yrs after marriage,want to get a Biblical Degree. want to know how to entrol.

  26. This is awesome..!!!! I’m praising our Father in heaven…!!! I’m going to enrolll in the Bachelor of ministry course next year and can’t wait to start! What an opportunity to enrich oneself with this knowledge of the Word where under normal circumstances one do not have the finances to do this. As a pastor I know it is sometimes difficult to study if one have no finance! May God bless the staff of Trinity!!!!

  27. I will be glad to be part of the program because I could not afford the fees for Bible colleges. I am a full time pastor but I dont have formal training, and no source of funds. Pls enrol me in a Degree in Ministry Program, and God will richly bless for that. This an answer to my prayer about such a program or sponsorship. Amen.

  28. Thank you for the great opportunity that the Lord and Trinity is given me to study a Bachelor of Ministry. Asking God for all wisdom and understanding of the word. Trinity please help me to achieve a greater education. God Bless

  29. I thank the Lord I found your website! You are trully a blessing to the Body of Christ. Please help me get enrolled to your program.

  30. You have a gret ministry. Please continue your good works for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

  31. I would like to enroll in the BA of Min. I have 18 yrs full-time experience in the church, am ordained in the Wesleyan Church and some college, but never actually attained a degree. I want to be prepared to go further with your graduate programs as well. What is the next step? Thank you! Mike

  32. My husband is a minister, and while I will not be a minister myself, being a pastors wife I think this degree would benefit our ministry together so I wish to enroll as well to give me more insight into the ministry field.

  33. Calvary greetings.
    I have been searching for a long time and the desire to take the Bachelor of Ministry programm has exploded in me already.Serving entails following directions-how do you do that if you do not know those instructions? To better equip myself to serve for the ministry I would be more than glad if I am given a chance in the course. Thank you.

  34. Ghanaians should please contact REV. PETER WHITE for any information on how to enrol at TRINITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS AND THEOLOGY. I will be happy to share with you whatever information you may need about trinity. You are welcome


  35. Please as you can see from my application, I come from an African country still struggling to develop. And the country is not favoring those of us who cleave to the total bible. Please can I pay $100 for the ministry 2 years course with you?
    Hoping to hear from you soonest via my email.

    Thanks for sacrificial contribution to the ministry to the lost souls.

  36. I was looking for such kind of very fruitful course in Bachelor of Ministry.Please,register me as your student.
    May God bless you.


  38. Praise God For what HE IS DOING THROUGH This schoolof theology. The Bachelor in ministry programe has a wonderfull outlineto follow.
    I applied already and waiting for feedback already.Given that I am an evangelist courses in the programme like church planting willbe soinstrumental to me.
    God bless you Dr Philip and the entire Trinity College team.

  39. As a minister of recovery, I wish to be enrolled in your degree program. I currently hold credentials as a Chaplain, and do ministry work in a local prison.

  40. I am interested in doing something like this in the next year or so, my only question is after completion will we actually receive a sealed diploma or certificate from Trinity?

  41. i wish to enrol for Bachelor of ministry course. If u can inform me on the procedures.

  42. This website/school is an answer to my prayers. The desire for theological training has been heavy on my heart, however being on a fixed disability income has made this impossible. I would absolutely love to be granted admission into the Bachelor of Ministry Program. Glory be to God.

  43. I’m working for an Internatioanl Christian Organization focusing on Children Ministry. I would like to enrol in one of your courses (BMin) in order to broaden my knowledge in Christian Ministry.

  44. It’s really helping me to refresh my knowledge … and it making me more effective in my ministry. Thank’s God for this course! I hope I can finish my BMin on schedule (in two years). May God help me!

  45. I read a lot of weblogs recently and yours is among the greatest. I like reading through you — obvious and well crafted. Your page goes straight to my personal bookmarks. I got some good inspiring ideas after reading this.

  46. I see it necessary to be part of this training as a leaders of an interdenominational ministry of global impact. Thank you for extending the right hands of fellowship to us. I wish to apply for the Bachelor of Ministry Programme.

  47. hi,

    its good to see that there are institutions that are willing to help the ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ to be more equipped as this will make us to more effective in the ministry. continue to do this great work and God will greatly bless you.

  48. please send information for bach. of ministry and theology. and do i recieve an accredited degree after completeion?

  49. I Would like to enrolled but I reside in South Africa. I don’t
    have the money now but can I pay at the later stage.

  50. Good day sir,I am through with the tentative and final admission process but am yet to receive any info from the institution.

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