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  • Do you offer printed catalogs ?  Yes, we do have printed catalogs available for prospective students in India.  In order to keep the cost and our overhead to a minimum, we send them out oversees after you pay $50 for airmail postage and packing. 
  • How can I contact you over telephone ? You can contact a representative in the Indian office by calling 999 519 8690. Please do add proper dialing code for India from your country. Also please check for Indian time. We are available 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday. Volunteers might be available in the office on some Saturdays and also from 5PM to 9PM on some days. Please remember that Trinity has a large number of volunteer Faculty and office workers, but no salaried staff. All work is carried by a large volunteer work-force in a networked office.
  • What is your street address for sending snail-mails ? The Trinity Headquarter functions from
  • Trinity School Of Apologetics And Theology
    143 Maveli Nagar, Cochin University PO
    682022, Kochi, India
    Ph: 99951 98690

All snail-mail meant for Trinity should be sent only to the above address

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14 thoughts on “Catalog, Our Office, Contact, etc

  1. I want to inform you that, I have completed a study of the
    material I freely down loaded, from the R.D. WILSON INTERNATIONAL FREE SEMINARY.
    Bible Survey Course 1
    Bible Survey Course 2
    Bible Management Course
    Creative Bible Study Course
    Foundation,Seminary Course

    These Courses are very enlightining.



  2. Brother Lee,

    God bless you for completing the courses. I will encourage you to tell others to as well take these courses and if possible enroll to enjoy the entire course. I am a Master of Divinity Student from Ghana and I am enjoying my studies.

  3. Where do I download the coarse studies at? I have been accepted and can’t find them.

  4. Hello Roy,

    Thank God you have been accepted for admission. The Principal Dr. Philip will send you all the necessary information on how to start your studies and where you can download your study materials. I wish you all the best. Welcome


  5. I appreciate your generous effort to equip men and women for the work of the Master, Jesus Christ, in these end times. It is time to speed the propagation of the Gospel. God bless you for given gracious opportunity to many who cannot afford to pay for their theological education and training. May the Lord supply you with all the needed resources to keep the mission going on from strength to strength.

  6. Sir I have not received my student registration number which I applied for under the poor and developing countries. I wish to study MBS. Eagerly awaiting your favourable reply.

  7. Please can somebody help me with the email address to contact office.

    Thank you.


  8. I have been accepted for the Dr. of apologetics program. Where do I download my study materials. I have been unable to find a link.

  9. I thank GOD the almighty one to have discovered your school, which i have been looking for.please send me information on,[1]registration fees.[2]can one graduate in absentia?[3]do you do tests and exams?[4]if one has a degree in theology, can one be allowed todo adoctoral degree?Ithank you in advance.God bless you.

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