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Christian Ethics: Lesson 010

Christian Ethics Free Course:  LESSON TEN: THE POOR We live in a divided world. It is the world of the haves and the have nots, of the stark division between rich and poor, of the economic oppressors and the oppressed. At a time when the techno-nations enjoy a wealth unparalleled in human history, over five […]

Christian Ethics: Lesson 009

Christian Ethics Free Course:  LESSON NINE: EMPLOYMENT The Technological Revolution is changing the Western understanding of work. Gone is the time when all but the favoured few had to work for their — very existence, when to be unwaged meant almost certain death – or at least terrible destitution. Today we talk of the post-industrial […]

Christian Ethics: Lesson 008

Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON EIGHT: LIFE: (PART TWO) In this session, we will consider together the issues involved in Genetic engineering and Euthanasia. A. GENETIC ENGINEERING: In 1961 the first tadpoles were cloned (genetically identical specimens grown from a single cell.) In 1962 DNA was unravelled by James Watson and Francis Crick. In 1966 […]

Christian Ethics: Lesson 007

Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON SEVEN: LIFE: (PART ONE) Read: Ps. 139:13-16: Ps. 106:37-38 It is incredible that any civilised country with a Christian heritage should authorise the wholesale slaughter of its children. Yet that is precisely what has happened in most Western nations. In Great Britain, since the passing of the Abortion Act in […]

Christian Ethics: Lesson 006

Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON SlX: SEXUALITY (PART 2) In our last session we looked at some of the modern destructive ideas about sexuality. In this session we shall look at some specific issues and present the Biblical view of sexuality. B. SEXUALITY – THE UNBIBLICAL PERVERSION The Biblical understanding of deviance and perversion is […]

Christian Ethics: Lesson 005

Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON FIVE: SEXUALITY: (PART ONE) Read: Gen. 1:27: 2:23-25; Rom. 13:8-10. None of us can answer the question ‘Who am I’ without taking our sex into account. Equally, we cannot divorce our character from our sexual relationships and habits. Sexuality cannot be put in a box marked ‘Private’ in the way […]

Christian Ethics: Lesson 003

Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON THREE: PEACE: (PART 1.) Read: James 4:1-3; Mt. 24:6-7; 5:9. We live in a world of unceasing war. Our greatest investments of wealth, ingenuity and energy are concentrated, not on the relief of sickness and famine, but on a programme of ‘how to kill your neighbour more effectively than he […]

Christian Ethics: Lesson 002

Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON TWO: HUMAN RIGHTS (PART 2) Read: Eph. 2:11-19: Gal. 3:28 In this session we shall look at the issues of Race; Sex and Class and their implications for the Human Rights issue. A. JEWS AND GENTILES Read again Eph. 2:11-19. No greater divide existed in the ancient world than that […]