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Mariama Thiam-Demba

Trinity School Ambassador to African Nations   Mariama Thiam-Demba Ambassadors for Christ International Ministries Home of the “Annual Gospel Explosion Out of Africa Prophetic Conference” Phoenix, Arizona  – U.S.A. For More Info, Visit: AFCI Ministries             Brethren Assembly | Free Bible College | Biblical Archeology | Free Courses | Free […]

Application For A Blog By Trinity School Students And Friends

Name: Email Address: Alternate Email Address, If You Have One Are You A Trinity Student? Are You A Trinity Faculty? Do You Have A Google Adsense Account What Is Your Religious Affiliation In Which Country Are You Based Do You Want A Blog Of Your Own? Suggest a Name For Your Blog Suggest Another Name […]

The Open Universities

Innovation in International Higher Education: : The Open Universities One of the most striking international developments in higher education in the past decade has been the establishment of a significant number of open universities around the world. This paper summarizes the nature of the open university movement and goes on to discuss the open universities […]

Computer Assisted Learning

Computer Assisted Learning or Communications: Which Way for Information Technology in Distance Education? Two uses of computers for teaching in distance education are compared and contrasted: systems based on structured, pre-programmed learning materials (i.e., computer assisted learning, or CAL), where the learner communicates as if with the computer; and systems based on the communications functions […]

A Discipline of Distance Education

Abstract This paper examines the grounds for regarding the study of distance education as an emerging academic discipline. The number of studies of various aspects of distance education has increased enormously in the last ten years. This paper categorizes these studies into groups dealing with various larger issues. besides the increasing amount of research, both […]

How Best To Study A Module

As for studies – I have found the easiest way is to read a module from one end to the other – then set it aside a day or two. Then go back and take your time readings and highlighting the key areas from each paragraph(s). By the time you have finished you will begin […]

FAQ: Credit Transfer

Do you accept credit transfer from other institutions Yes, we do accept credit transfer from most reputed accredited as well as non accredited institutions. However, the final discretion is ours. We need not accept credits just because a certain institution is accredited, and we need not reject just because a certain institution is unaccredited because […]

Richard Gagnon

His Websites: Ginosko | Reformata | The 5 Solas Blog Richard Gagnon serves as the senior pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church of Lac Megantic, Quebec (Canada). He is a native French-speaker, though he manages English very well. He is a bachelor in theology (ThB) and is now pursuing his studies with Trinity School (India) […]

Lambert Dolphin

Lambert DolphinPhysicist, Theologian, Senior CreationistWebsite:∞ He received an AB degree with high honors in physics and distinction in mathematics from San Diego State University in June 1954. After two years of graduate study in Physics and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, (1954-1956), he joined the staff of SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute), in […]