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Astra Kremane

Astra Kremane hails from Latvia, and is now settled in the USA. He has 2 years of training as Translator, and was employed as government Translator. He also has 60…

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Damon Duran

Damon DuranRepresentative: Far East Damon Duran is an American Missionary, Professor and Pastor, stationed in South Korea. He completed his A.A. in Psychology in 1996, B.S. (BSc) in Church Ministries/Counseling…

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Dr. Kenny Rhodes

  Websites: Scofield Graduate School Of Theology∞ | Mable Avenue Church∞Online Theological Library∞ Dr. Rhodes has been Connected for a long time with pastoral ministries and theological education, he has…

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Dr. Michael Rudolph

    Dr. Michael Rudolph: Faculty LiaisonWebsites: The Rabbi∞ | Messianic Life∞ Dr. Rudolph is a Messianic Jew who serves as a pastor, lawyer, and teacher. He is also Dean,…

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Wilfredo Torres, Panamá

My experience at Trinity has been a true blessing. The training I received lifted me to a higher level of understanding of apologetics. When we compare and consider the low…

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Dr. Anil P. Matthew

Dr. Anil P. MatthweRegistar: Trinity School Dr. Matthew obtained his BAMSc in 1995 from Khalsa Instite of Medical Science, Bangalore. In 1997, he was awarded MD in Alternative Medicine by…

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Dr. Saneesh Cherian

Dr. Cherian completed his BTh [1998] and MDiv [2001] from Brethren Bible Institute, a premiere Plymouth Brethren school. He did his DMin [2003] from the International Institute of Church Management,…

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Dr. Johnson C. Philip

His Dmoz Profile | His Creation Wiki Profile Dr. Philip serves as the President [Principal] and Liaison for International Students of Trinity School Of Apologetics. He is the seniormost Christian…

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Bill Hayden, Music Professor in the USA

I am pleased to write an endorsement of Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology.  Under the leadership of Dr. Johnson C. Philip, it excels it providing a plethora of…

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