Damon Duran, Korea

Greeting Dewayne,

My name is Damon Duran and I was asked to assist you. I hope this email finds you doing well. It is always a pleasure to help prospective students. I will attempt to answer your questions concerning the credibility of the degrees.

DamonDuran1 First of all, let me assure you that the academic training by Trinity is lengthy and challenging. I am enrolled as a Doctoral and if I study 2 hours a day, I hope to complete my degree in 2 years. That is a significant amount of studying especially if you are working full time.

As far as credibility, yes Trinity is accredited in India but that might not mean anything to a school in another country. We cannot say if our degree will be accepted by any other institution because each school considers each degree on an individual basis.

Because Trinity offers their curriculum without tuition there are no paid faculty. Therefore we cannot keep those kind of lengthy records. Your question about which schools have accepted our degrees is an impossible question to answer because we would need to have been contacted by those schools and told that they are accepting our degree. That just does not happen. Perhaps in the future that might be possible but I am sorry that we don’t have a better answer.

My best advice to you is to write such a good Thesis or Dissertation that anyone who reads it will acknowledge the depth of study you have invested in. They cannot take that away from you. When a university or seminary hires a new professor, the Dissertation is always taken into consideration. Our school will equip you with the knowledge and training, but it is up to you as to how well your dissertation or thesis is.

I wish I could tell you that anyone would accept our degrees and you can get a job anywhere you want but that would be dishonest. In fact, any school that would say that would be dishonest. The fact is you will get a quality education with Trinity while paying an outrageously small fee. You probably could not take 1 course at any accredited seminary for the same amount.

I hope this email as helped. If I have not fully answered you I would be happy to keep in contact with you. Please email me any further questions you have and I will try my best to assist you! May the LORD guide you as you make such an important decision as your future education.

Rev. Damon and Saehee Duran
PH: 019.9343.8291: From the US: 82-19-9343-8291
73-6 Won-chon-Dong Pal-Dal-Gu, Suwon 442-380; South Korea

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