Damon Duran


Damon Duran
Representative: Far East

Damon Duran is an American Missionary, Professor and Pastor, stationed in South Korea. He completed his A.A. in Psychology in 1996, B.S. (BSc) in Church Ministries/Counseling in 1998 and M.S. (MSc) in Practical Theology in 2001 all from Southwestern Assemblies of God University (Texas, USA).

At present he is the Pastor of SAMOR International Church of Suwon, South Korea (www.samor.org). He has a special interest in sharing general Apologetics with the average Christian to assist them in their defense of the Faith. He is actively involved in developing the Trinity Curriculum and administrative upgrades.

He has been ministering in the Far East, encouraging and assisting students to enroll in Trinity programs. Rev. Duran is also the first Moderator of Trinity Forum, where he would be happy to respond to questions from students and potential students. He is currently enrolled in the D.Min. program with Trinity.

[Damon Duran has returned to USA, where he is based at present]

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  1. Mr. Duran,
    Could you tell me how long it takes for the seminary to get back to me about my application?
    Pastor Phil

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