DBS Doctor of Biblical Studies: DBS is an entry level theological diploma course at the doctoral level where one learns the basics of Bible and Theology.
Admission Requirements You must be 24 years or older, with preferably 12 years of schooling and 3 years of college. However, if you are 24 or older but if you do not have the required academic qualification, you can still apply and we will give you additional course material to take care of the academic deficiency. There is no additional fees for it. This is done under the Open University system followed worldwide by theological institutions.
Time Available You have 2 years to complete the course at an accelerated pace. In case you fail to complete the course in 2 years, you can renew for up to three years on payment of an annual renewal fees.
Syllabus All the textbooks and reading-materials listed below are given via free downloads. You do not have to buy anything. Each numbered textbook shown below is a “Course Module” worth 1 to 3 credit hours.
Essential Apologetics Essential Apologetics is a set of course modules which every student of Trinity needs to study once. This means that whatever the diploma which you join, you need to study this first and then take other courses. Essential Apologetics is listed at the beginning of every diploma program to indicate that no student is exempt from studying them. You need to study them only once, even if you join multiple diploma programs.

Course Modules:

  • M01A1 Introduction
  • M02A1 Presuppositions
  • M03A1 History
  • M04A1 Canon
  • M05A1 Revelation

  • M10A1 Intro to Tools
  • M10A2 Preparation
  • M10P1 What is Proof
  • M11A1 Errors of Interp
  • M12A1 Bible Difficulties
  • M13A1 Science Difficulties
  • M14A1 Propaganda Analysis
  • M15A1 Manipulation Analysis
  • M16A1 Manipulation Resisting
  • M17A1 Logic & Errors
  • M18A1 Debating Techniques
  • M19A1 Resisting Debate
  • M20A1 Leading Questions
  • M20U1 Using Apologetics

Course Modules:

  • DBS01 Human Escapism
  • DBS02 Science & Chr Faith
  • DBS03 Faith and Reason
  • DBS04 Christianity & Science
  • DBS05  Open Theism 2 
  • DBS06 Evolution/Creation
  • DBS07 Resurrection
  • Apol Readings 56 Files (Provided)

Course Modules:

  • DBS20 Bible Survey
  • DBS21 Study/Teaching Bible
  • DBS22 Psalms
  • DBS25 Isaiah
  • DBS28 Minor Prophets
  • DBS30 Revelation
Biblical Backgrounds

Course Modules:

  • DBS040 Bible Manners/Customs

Course Modules:

  • DBS045 Canonicity Issues
  • DBS046 Origin/Hist Bible

Course Modules:

  • DBS51 God and Evil

Course Modules:

  • DBS55 Western Monasticism
Practical Life

Course Modules:

  • DBS60 Christian Life
  • DBS62 Family Life

Course Modules:

  • DBS70 Theology Proper
  • DBS71 Major Doctrines
  • DBS72 Rapture and Revelation
  • DBS73 Tribulation
  • DBS74 Satanic Rebellion
  • Readings (201+ Documents, supplied by us)
General Reading
  • 4 Books, supplied
Practical Work The student will have to develop and submit two courses of 6 to 10 lessons, similar to what can be seen at Apologetics Courses or Free Courses. They should choose the subject soon after joining Trinity.

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  2. Iam a retired soldier.i completed high school while still in the force.would like to take a diploma in theology so that i can help people suffering in war zones and mostly the soldiers who are ever in the battle.

  3. Dear Brother Abel, God bless you for taking this decision. Trinity is the best school for you. You can do this course at your convenience and the registration fee is also affordable. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Peter white ( Master of Divinity student-Ghana)

  4. I am very interested in the Doctorate degree in Biblical Studies

    I would be delighted if you can contact me as soon as possible

  5. It is a blessing to see God’s people exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit and in obedience to the Word of God. Using your gifts to offer free courses to enlighten, educated, train and build the kingdom of God is astonishing! May the Lord bless and keep you. I would like to know what the registration fee is, please? I am interested in starting straightaway! Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I help pregnant teens using my own residence until we can secure funds to build. In the meantime, I have been called full-time into the ministry and I believe a workman should not be ashamed but study to show oneself approved, rightly dividing the Word of Truth, not one’s opinion when it comes to eternal life. Kindest regards in Christ.

  6. Greeting my name is Evens Balan from Brooklyn Ny I,am would to Study Bible I,am working I would like to take the cours online please Brothers and Sister tell me what next to do
    I,am deepely inlove with the words of God
    I would like to know my Bible to teach orhhers to share with them thank you Evens

  7. Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    I am a recent Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics graduate and have also taken some graduate (masters level) courses in Education but have since taken a break from my studies to evaluate what I really want to do in life. I am currently a math tutor at two different colleges and I really would like to start an internet marketing business but admit I need to put God first and services to him should be my #1 priority.

    I admit that while I attend church regularly, I have never been as devoted to God as I should be nor have I been a person who has grounded himself into the Word of God.

    However, when I see a way to pursue an education for practically free in order to help me study the bible and become more grounded in the Word, I can’t help but to be enthusiastic and interested in pursuing a Doctor of Biblical Studies degree.

    Do you all think pursuing this degree would be a good idea in my current status of my walk with God?

  8. i hold a ThB,do i need a master degree to apply for a DBS?
    can i apply for DBS without a master degree?

  9. I am a pastor that holds a B.S and Masters. I would like to pursue the Doctorate in ministry. Please send me information. Thank you

  10. Ghanaians should please contact REV. PETER WHITE for any information on how to enrol at TRINITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS AND THEOLOGY. I will be happy to share with you whatever information you may need about trinity. You are welcome

    Email: pastor_white@hotmail.com

  11. I would like to take this course. however , what will the course structure be like? one course by one course?

  12. I am a cameroon hospital pastor.I did finished and send all my assignmens on MBS into Trinity.While waiting for my reults can i go in to DBS in Trinity? I have being serving the Lord for the past seven years and age is 38. I am convinced that God uses willing persons filled with knowledge of Him. Must i do the apologetics courses i did at the masters level? Since it’s the same thing.

  13. I am very much intrested to Know the Bible deeply, and work for God effectively

    I am greatly thank full to you if you give me an opportunity

    I am ministring in slum area in INDIA,

  14. Do you have a Phd in Biblical Archaeology that I can get from home? Even though I am from a developed country, I am on a fixed income so I am wondering if the fee is negotiable. Please send a reply via email.

  15. I was a graduate in Engineering and post Graduate in Information Systems(MBA).I was doing part time ministry in India for the last 5 Years.I was very much interested in doing doctorate in theology which can help me to grow spiritually and in my ministry.Kindly help me.Thank you in advance.

  16. Do you give life or education experience credit. I have a Masters Degree. I am President of the Youth Department, and was vice-president of the Mens Department at my church (Poinciana Pentecostal Church). And have strongly involved in church ministry doing several sermonettes to which my church can attest.

  17. I want to send the fees for the DBS, but can not find the fees list. If anyone knows the fees or where to find the list please let me know. Also, can you pay in installments or it must be all paid at once.

  18. am a student from nigeria l love this development because it is going to help me a lot but how do lstart this course and is it free as in no money at all. if it is l will be very happy!!!

  19. Sorry, I already applied to Mth program and when I Reade about the Doctor of biblical studies courses and related requirements I thought that I could work on it and if it is possible please allow.

  20. I wish to know if this degree and this School is still running. I have sent several emails of enquiry over the past 6 months and have not had any reply.

    I am obviously interested in the content of this course but need to know this school and degree are still in operation,


  21. Are you still providing distance education in theology this yr? 2017?

    I have Masters of Arts in Theology and want to do a doctor in Biblical studies.

  22. Hello,
    Quite some time ago,(some years?) I applied for studies to continue my own studies in apologetics, theology, exegesis,and general biblical studies.
    Some college and seminary studies while working were a portion of that, but not comprehensive so I applied and I was admitted to the Trinity Dr. of Biblical Studies program.
    Unfortunately life interrupted, perhaps opposition, in the form of health and financial difficulties. I did receive the entire course zip files and still have them. I have read much and it has been a great help in my ministry activities. Jewish evangelism,I am Messianic,general evangelism,
    apologetic pre-evangelism, discipleship,etc. I work with low income at risk
    families and children,as well as families in general as I sell insurance. I wish to write and teach/preach at my church and other Christian groups. I would like to restart from the beginning. Could I do so and of course contribute
    renewal fees.($). Then if this is the case I would like to submit a few samples of writing based on some of the studies to have them critiqued, suggestions, and of course judged/graded. Much of my writing experience are lyrics for Christian music. Evangelistic. and I am planning on writing biblically sound praise music as well. I am writing apologetic plays for youth groups. The Trinity studies I have have been very helpful. Thank you for that. Thanks to the Lord’s blessing and gifts upon me, I have taught very advanced music courses at universities and conservatories without degrees starting in my teens. i have taught including up to doctoral candidates I have been/am a peer reviewed adjunct faculty at secular and Christian universities. I would like to write on the spiritual and biblical components in music and biblical history as well as speculation on pre-creation heavenly music. Why music can and should be an anointed expression of a gift of the Holy Spirit and in his capacities. Your consideration is appreciated.
    kindest regards, blessings in His name,
    Elias Toscano.
    PS Escholotological prophetic aplogetics and the overcoming questions of a loving God and the existance of evil as an obstacle to evangelism

  23. Thank You,
    Previous info as you consider reinstatement?
    Questions how do I resume DBS program. I have course( zip files)
    Renewal fees ,how much and where?
    Elias Toscano

  24. Baruch Hashem,
    and blessings of the fruit of the Holy Spirit through Trinty.
    I am still waiting for your prayerfully considered reinstatment in the DBS
    program which unfortunately was derailed by circumstances. I have read much of the material(zip files)I have it complete and found it an excellent resource in evangelism,apologetics and discipleship. I work in biz/& edu from teens to graduate,bible studies and christian music production.(jewish/israeli outreach as well,I am messianic) I hope to retire and go into full time ministry God willing. My direct e mail may
    assist in communication. didaskalia@dslextreme.com
    Elias R. Toscano
    in His name sola deo gloria,..

  25. Are you still providing distance education in theology this yr? 2019?

    I have Masters of Arts in Theology and want to do a doctor in Biblical studies.

  26. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m interested in your Doctorate in Biblical Studies.

    Can you please email further details?

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

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