DMin: Doctor of Ministry

DMin Doctor of Ministry: DMin is a ministry-related theological diploma course where one learns the basics of Bible and Theology with emphasis on Christian Ministry.
Admission Requirements You must be 21 years or older, with a bachelors degree. However, if you are 21 or older but if you do not have the required schooling, you can still apply and we will give you additional course material to take care of the academic deficiency.
Time Available You have 2 years to complete the course at an accelerated pace. In case you fail to complete the course in 2 years, you can renew for up to three years on payment of an annual renewal fees.
Syllabus All the textbooks and reading-materials listed below are given via free downloads. You do not have to buy anything. Each numbered textbook shown below is a “Course Module” worth 1 to 3 credit hours.
Essential Apologetics Essential Apologetics is a set of course modules which every student of Trinity needs to study once. This means that whatever the diploma which you join, you need to study this first and then take other courses. Essential Apologetics is listed at the beginning of every diploma program to indicate that no student is exempt from studying them. You need to study them only once, even if you join multiple diploma programs.

Course Modules:

  • M01A1 Introduction
  • M02A1 Presuppositions
  • M03A1 History
  • M04A1 Canon
  • M05A1 Revelation


  • M10A1 Intro to Tools
  • M10A2 Preparation
  • M10P1 What is Proof
  • M11A1 Errors of Interp
  • M12A1 Bible Difficulties
  • M13A1 Science Difficulties
  • M14A1 Propaganda Analysis
  • M15A1 Manipulation Analysis
  • M16A1 Manipulation Resisting
  • M17A1 Logic & Errors
  • M18A1 Debating Techniques
  • M19A1 Resisting Debate
  • M20A1 Leading Questions
  • M20U1 Using Apologetics

Course Modules:

  • DMIN010 Faith & Modern Society
  • DMIN011 Science And Christian Faith
  • DMIN012 Education and Substitution
  • DMIN013 Handling Doubts

Course Modules:

  • DMIN020 Inspiration of Bible
  • MDIN021 Personal Bible Study
  • DMIN022 OT Hist Survey

Course Modules:

  • DMIN029 Intro to Ethics
  • DMIN030  Right And Wrong
  • DMIN031 Moral Relativism
  • DMIN032 Moral Issues
  • DMIN033 Christian and Laws
  • DMIN034 The Law and Ethics
Issues II

Course Modules:

  • DMIN035 Moral Issues
  • DMIN036 Abortion I
  • DMIN037 Abortion II
  • DMIN038 Euthanasia
  • DMIN039 Medical Ethics

Course Modules:

  • DMIN041  Church Growth
  • DMIN042 Prayer
  • DMIN043 Worship
  • DMIN044 Revival
  • DMIN045 Faith
  • DMIN046 Youth Ministry
  • DMIN047 Ministry to the Retarded
Pract. Life I

Course Modules:

  • DMIN060 Pastoralia
  • DMIN061 Leadership
  • DMIN062 Christian Integrity
  • DMIN063 Understanding Adults
  • DMIN064 Adult Ministry
  • DMIN065 Contemporary Church
  • DMIN066 Church Planting
  • DMIN067 Church Planting II
  • DMIN068 House Churches
  • DMIN069 Leadership Training
  • DMIN070 Transformational Ministry
  • DMIN071 Disciple-making
  • Readings: Pract Life I
Pract. Life II

Course Modules:

  • DMIN075 Book of Judges
  • DMIN076 Book of  Nehemiah
  • DMIN077 Biblical Management

Course Modules:

  • DMIN81 Intro To Open Theism
Cult Studies

Course Modules:

  • DMIN91 JW and Mormons
  • DMIN92 Repentance in Cults
Practical Work The student will have to develop and submit two courses of 6 to 10 lessons, similar to what can be seen at Apologetics Courses or Free Courses. They should choose the subject soon after joining Trinity.


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13 thoughts on “DMin: Doctor of Ministry

  1. Ghanaians should please contact REV. PETER WHITE for any information on how to enrol at TRINITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS AND THEOLOGY. I will be happy to share with you whatever information you may need about trinity. You are welcome


  2. I wish to enroll in the DMin program as soon as possible. Thank you.

  3. I am extremely delighted and thankful unto the Lord for allowing me to study Doctor of Ministry for the cause of Christ and His mission.

    I am sure and confident that this course will certainly help me in order to be equipped and trained for the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I would like to encourage every one who is envolved in the Mission of Christ must study Missiology and Theology.

    I urge every one to pray for me so that I may accomplish the Doctor of Ministry course sucessfully and fulfill the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ which is entrusted upon me graciously.

    Sincerely I am praying for all students who are admitted in the Trinity Graduate School.

    May God bless every one in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    With much Love and Prayer,

    Pr.Samuel Katraka,
    Odisha State of India,
    Mobile Number – 09937733743,
    Email Id –

  4. I would really like to enroll for this Doctor of Ministry course as I am a full time minister of the church. One goal is for the cause of Christ and His mission.

  5. over the last few years I have wrestled with where I would get may training in ministry. The DMin seems to be what was best for me but no one knew anything about Trinity Graduate School of Theology.

    It is difficult to find the right venue for education especial when it comes to the things of God. I’ve heard many ministers say things like seminary will cause you too loose your desire for God, that you can become so educated that the holy spirit stop working in you, any any number of things hat have kept me form doing what I feel I need to reach my goals.

    But after hearing so much non-scriptural preaching I am lost as to how sound education in the ministry can be anything bu beneficial.

    So may question is this will education be more important than true relationship with God or is there a synergy of two whereby the student is better in the end than when he/she started?

  6. I am thankful for this wonderful tool the Lord has provided for His servants. It’s truly blessed to find this school and will be studying DMin. I am serving the Lord Jesus Christ as an evangelist with my Baptist church and now pioneering a daughter church. I graduated M.Div from TBTS and love to pursue the Biblical study more.
    Thank you very much for helping and equipping us.

  7. I am excited to enroll in the Doctor of Ministry. I have got two degrees in management and development studies. I have finished my Masters in Transformational leadership and Change.

    I would say it will be a miracle if i got the free access, because this is my many years dream. I am committed in Christan ministry like youth, children, evangelism and holistic ministry as a whole. i am Sunday school teacher in my church and Elder. I am keen to equip myself to do better job and build capacity of believers.
    This is my third time writing to Trinity.


  8. I am 63years op age studied of and ordaned pastor and it is my hart swish to do a docterade before en of time I belief that GOD will grant me the time to rich my goal. If there is any posibility of any kredits counting for me, please let me know. I don’t have any previous degree’s.

  9. 1 sincerely commend the vision behind the online theological courses at TGST, and human and material resources put forward to raise preachers of the gospel, defenders of faith and leaders of the church. I am 48 years and would like to apply for the DMin course if given the opportunity. I’m an ordained Anglican clergy with Masters of Arts in NT theology obtained in 2019. Blessings

  10. Um curso de excelência internacional num formato mundialmente acessível, assim é o Doutorado em Ministérios da TGSAT.
    Esta escola teológica destaca-se por sua exigência acadêmica, conservadorismo teológico reformado, e democratização do ensino.
    Parabéns pelos idealizadores e mantenedores desta Obra educacional em favor da expansão do Reino de Deus neste mundo.

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