Dr. Anil P. Matthew

Dr. Anil P. Matthwe
Registar: Trinity School

DrAnil Dr. Matthew obtained his BAMSc in 1995 from Khalsa Instite of Medical Science, Bangalore. In 1997, he was awarded MD in Alternative Medicine by the Open University for Complimentary Medicine in Sri Lanka. In 2002 he was awarded PhD by the same institution based upon his researches in Alternative Therapies. He was awarded DNYS by the All India Naturopathy Council in 1984. After completing his MDiv equivalancy in 2000, he has been working towards a ThD program with Trinity School. He has been doing research on “The Medical Aspects of Proverbs”.

He is the CEO of Ashraya Trust and the Ashraya Group of Medical Institutions, including the Indus School of Alternate Medical Sciences, which is affiliated to the Open University for Complimentary Medicines.

He mentors students in counseling related subjects.

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