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JCPTEM01A Dr. Philip serves as the President [Principal] and Liaison for International Students of Trinity School Of Apologetics. He is the seniormost Christian Apologist in India today. He obtained his BSc (1976), MSc Cum Laude (1978) and PhD Summa Cum Laude (1991) in Physics from The School of Advanced Studies, Jiwaji University in Gwalior, India.

Picture: Dr. Philip with the Tunneling Electron Microscope in the Department of Advanced Studies and Research at the Jiwaji University in Gwalior in 2008 March

He studied theology with the Lurther Rice Seminary, ICI Belgium, and Asian Christian Academy India, and obtained his MTh [1981] and ThD [1984] in Christian Apologetics from International Theological Seminary [India Extension]. He obtained a DSc in Alternative Medicine in 2003 from Medicina Alternativa and, and DNYS in Naturopthy in 2004. In addition, he is at present working on a Th D in Polemics (Cults) and a PhD in Biblical Archeology.

He has authored more than 60 book in theology, apologetics, counseling, physics, and computer science. In addition, he is the author of more than 4000 published articles and research papers. He has published in the fields of theology, apologetics, counseling, physics, electronics, information technology, library science, and many others.  His writings have been translated into more than 12 languages. He has traveled and lectured widely in two dozen countries. More than 1,000,000 copies of his free ebooks are downloaded worldwide per year .

He has many firsts to his credit both in the field of physics as well as in the field of theology. He is also the Chief Editor of the Ryrie Study Bible in Hindi language and also of Ryrie’s Systematic Theology in Hindi. These two works took 10 years and a team of almost 20 translators to complete the work in Hindi. The Systematic Theology is now available for $14 and the Ryrie Study Bible in Hindi is about to be printed in Japan.

Dr. Philip, incidentally, is also the author of India’s first systematic theology as well as Christian Apologetics, both in the Malayalam language. He is a polyglot. The Systematic Theology is 800 pages, and the textbook on Apologetics is 800 pages of A4 size. He is also the Chief Editor of International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, 4 volumes, in the Malayalam language, and the New Dictionary of Theology in the the Malayalam language. His systematic theology had a print run three times the normal, and yet all the copies were sold out in less than 3 months, leading to a copy getting auctioned among the interested. The single copy fetched 300,000 units in the Indian currency, and was donated to help educate poor girls in India.

He is also an editor of Trinity Journal of Apologetics and Theology (online) and Insight India (print). He is also the most prolific Christian writer and book-reviewer in Asia.

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  1. Dr. Philip,
    I humbly write you. I have asked for an extension in the past to complete my masters program. I’m sorry to say I have not started it. I offer no reason, for no matter what I say it would be nothing but an excuse. It would be easy for me just to let everything go. However, I have prayed about this, asking God sincerely if this is his wish. His answer is solid. I must go forward. I understand this will cost me to start again, but it is what I must do.

    Yours in Christ,
    Ed Schwass III
    129 Elaine St
    Hot Springs, AR 71913

  2. Dear Dr. Philips,

    I would like to enroll in a master program apologetics. Im a traditional Catholic and have studied the H. scriptures for many yrs. But have no degrees in it. My favorite subjects are apologetics and creationism.
    I m 39 yrs old but enfortunately not rich. I lost my job due to the financial crisis. And therefore I do hope the courses will not cost soo much.
    Here find a few questions:
    1. How long does it take to finish a study program Mastersdegee?
    2. Are there online exams to perform?
    3. Will the exams be corrected and send back to me with the correcct answers?
    4. After completion, will a masters degree be sent to me by post or by email?
    5. What will be the cost?
    6. Should I first need to get a BA before enrooling into a master program this will be of no problem for me.

    Please find herewith my address
    Luc Feliers
    Herlinckhove 11
    9450 Denderhoutem
    Tel ++32 54 34 24 96
    email feliersluc@yahoo.co.jp

  3. Wow!! This is quite a profile…. By God’s grace all is possible. I hope to follow in your footsteps though at a very great distance!! Hope my Doctorate application or masters pulls through. I am impressed by the trinity Faculty, they seem seasoned people, everyone of them…

  4. Good Wonderful Sunday Dr./Pastor Phillip:


    This is a quick follow-up regarding my “Doctorate of Ministry” thesis I sent to you on September 23, 2009 via U.S. mail. Could you please let me know if you have received my 3-part ministry book.

    Also, please feel free to journey to my website at http://www.protocolofthepalace.com to view the beginning of this Human/Saint Resources Management AND Church Team development ministry.


    In His Majesty’s Love And Service,
    Sis Donnalakshmi Selvaraj
    Transformational Ministry Consultant
    Doctorate Of Ministry Candidate
    [Author, Protocol Of The Palace]
    (916) 591-0048/cell [USA]

    P.S. I am also including a website that has FREE SHIPPING to India if your heart is Spirit-led to share my website with other Saints in India – AMEN.


  5. What a wonderful day for you Dr.Johnson Philip.I had been in the way to my post graduate studies, Doctor in Religious Education. This school become a great blessing to me, to pursue my another Doctorate, all I can say is thank you very much, currently I’m enjoyed studying the subject material that you have handed down to me.
    I would lik to share with you my school website as well as my Church. Feel free to link these to another websites
    http://arcteduc7.webs.com Thank you and may the Lord will bless you and your family.


  6. Howdy. Very first I want to say that I genuinely like your webpage, just determined it last week but I’ve been following it sometimes since then.

    I seem to come to an agreement with most of your respective thinkings and opinions and this post is no different.

    Thank you for a excellent blog and I hope you hold up the beneficial work. If you do I will continue to checked out it.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  7. Dear Dr. PHillips,

    I humbly write to you to let me join your ThD program.
    Currently I hold a bachelor degree in engineering and two Masters degree, one in Information Systems from UNSW Sydney, and one in Missiology.
    Professionally I work as a consultant in civil engineering and as lecturer in IS.
    Additionally, for the past 9 yrs I have also been a lecture in a bibble collage in Batam Indonesia.
    I have been planning to extend my theological degree to ThD as I plan to be a fulltime bible lecture in the future. I have wrote 2 books and nationally accepted in Indonesia.
    I will be honored to hear something from you.

    Sincerely Yoursn,
    Christian Robirosa

  8. Daniel Marsh
    6539 Linville drive
    Brighton, MI 48116-9531 USA

    Dear Dr. Johnson C. Philip, may I have any or all of the listed books of yours, free of charge, please. I am unemployed due to unpaid care giving responsibilities and due to health challenges. I love studying God’s word and apologetics, witnessing.

    Historical Apologetics, Philip Communications, 1986
    The Canon Of The Bible, Philip Communications, 1986
    Revelation And The Pagans, Philip Communications, 1987
    Bible Difficulties, Philip Communications, 1987
    Errors of Bible Interpretation, Philip Communications, 1987
    Logic And Fallacies, Philip Communications, 1988
    Resisting Propaganda Techniques, Philip Communications, 1988
    Resisting Mind Manipulation Techniques, Philip Communications, 1988
    Analysis of Debating Techniques, Philip Communications, 1988
    Importance Of Biblical Archeology, CRG, 2005
    Biblical Archeology And Historical Apologetics, CRG, 2005
    How To Prepare To Become An Apologist, Calvin Research Group, 2006
    Introduction To Tools Of Integrated Apologetics, Calvin Research Group, 2006
    Things Which A Christian Apologist Should Avoid, Calvin Research Group, 2006

    Thank you for praying
    Daniel Marsh

  9. I am from Tanzania one of the poor
    developing country in Africa,

    With the bellowed ten (10) Christian friends who have join Trinity mailing-list for receiving your free eBooks and free CD offers. Through ww.IICET.Com

    I am therefore requesting the office to immediately send me the full and complete download information about BTH textbooks to begin my course

    1 MIYUMO DANIEL TANZANIA simbiri@gmail.com
    2 GEOPHREY ISAAC TANZANIA ogeophrey@yahoo.com
    3 ROBERT AMOLLO TANZANIA yaasilahotels@yahoo.com

    4 STELLA ODATT TANZANIA chitestela@yahoo.com
    5 ROSE SOSPETER TANZANIA rosetirus@yahoo.com
    6 NDULU MUSA TANZANIA ndulumusa@yahoo.com
    7 CYNTHIA MUSHI TANZANIA mushcynthia@yahoo.co.uk
    8 DAVID OBURE TANZANIA davidobure@gmail.com
    9 GEORGE SYLVANUS TANZANIA georgeokolah@yahoo.com
    10 SIMON MIYUMO OBOTE TANZANIA miyumosimon5@gmail.com

    Yours in Christ

  10. ——————————————————————————–

    grace and peace from God to you
    I am interested in your master of theology distance learning. I am pastor of malagasy lutheran church ; I live in French. Now i search a school of theology to pursue my study. I have studied theology at Institut protestant de theologie à Paris from 2005. My problem is this: there is a teacher in this institute who prevents me from getting the bachelor degree. Now I have 170 credits, it rests 10 credits for me for the bachelor degree (180 credits). I passed at least 4 tests with this teacher but she always gave me bad note. I tried to speak with the Dean of this institute but he cannot do anything. so 5 years after my enrollement in this institute, I don’t have yet my bachelor.
    solution, i decided to search another school which can recognise and validate my credits for the bachelor degree so that I may pursue the study of master.
    so i ask for your requirement of credits transfer, what should i do to be able to begin the master cours in your school? I can send to you all information about me and any document you wish to know
    I look forward reading from you, s
    thank you in advance
    in Christ

    26 rue DAVIOUD
    PARIS 75016, FRANCE

    mail: rakotonirina77@yahoo.fr

  11. Hi Dr. J.C Philips, I come from a poor family in a town called Knysna in South Africa. I have studied towards a BSc.Medical Bioscience Degree at the University of the Western Cape, but unfortunatly I had dropp out of University due to financail problems. I still have faith in God, because I know He won’t let me down. I grew up in a God Fearing Family and eccepted Lord Jesus as my saviour and Lord at an early age. I received the Holy Spirit when I was only 13 years of age. And after that my Life was never the same again.
    I still have this burning passion to spread the word of God to others, and i have a hunger to study the word of God.
    I want to study the depths, and I feel this is Gods calling working in my heart. i SAW an e-mail saying that students from developing countries can study for free.
    I pray you to please inform me how to make use of this opportunity to study for free.

    May God Bless you Hundred Fold!

  12. I have apply to do a m Div degree, but haven’t yet received feedback.
    Rev JJ Blom

  13. I was pondering what is up with that interesting gravatar??? I know 5am is early and I’m not looking my best at that hour, but I hope I don’t look like this! I might however make that face if I’m asked to do 100 pushups. lol

  14. When I stumble upon a great post I do some things:1.Share it with my close contacts.2.Bookmark it in some of the popular social sharing sites.3.Make sure to come back to the same website where I first read the post.After reading this article I’m really concidering going ahead and doing all 3.

  15. Trinity Graduate School of Theology » Blog Archive » Dr. Johnson C. Philip is an interesting name for a blog, keep up the good work, thanks, from Wylie Watkins

  16. Ah, I find the very fact has unlimited debatable points. I don’t need to argue with you right here, however I have my own opinions as well. Anyway, you did a fantastic job in writing the publish, and wish to praise you for the hard work. Sustain with the nice job!

  17. Dear Dr. Johnson C. Philip,

    Christian greetings. I was made redundant from my job 3 months ago as my company went bust. I am jobless at the moment as it is so difficult to get a job in the UK when you are in your late 40s. I volunteer in a charity shop at the moment.
    I was wondering if I could study for free with your college and seminary and the registration fees be waived in my present circumstances.
    Please consider my request.
    Await your reply.
    Many, many thanks and God bless.

    Kindest regards,


  18. I am presently studying at Louisiana Baptist University via online for MTHEO degree with Greek minor. Hopefully, next year by March I will graduate on this course.
    In connection to this opportunity I found in Trinity Gradaute School, I am planning to pursue a Doctorate degree in Apologetics after the completion of my MTHEO. Considering the fact as what I’ve learned from this school, Masters degree is pre requisite for Doctoral program.It seems defending the Christian faith is God’s leading thrust in my ministry of preaching. What prompted me to write you is for some further information or affirmation of this EXTRA ORDINARY privilege this school offers. One thing I am happy to learn, is that this school offers free-tuition program. This is unimaginable yet amazing, since God will do everything in order to engage toiling my mind about the things of God and to make myself approve. Above all, my present status cannot afford to pay in earning this degree.

    Could there be any other info I will learn from you beside what I gathered from the internet? Would it be necessary for you to affirm the authenticity of this school? I would be very happy Doctor Philip with any of your response.

    Thanks for your time,

    Respectfully yours and In Christ

  19. Dear Dr. Philip,
    greetings to all of you at TSOAT.
    Just to let you know that many that I have mentioned your TSOAT site as other Schools, Institutes and Universities in this ministry field of studies, have been very happy with the courses that you offer.
    May the faculty of this beautiful school that you and the faculty administer may reach as many souls as possible.
    Looking forward studying Archaeology with you as I continue with the studies with other bible Schools as well.
    Thank you and you will receive a separate e-mail from me for the application process.
    God bless you all.
    In Christ,
    Chaplain. John C. Coutino G.
    D.Div. ( CTS )., D.Th. ( TECU – Ministries ),
    MBS, BBS. ( TUA )., MCC, BCC. ( TBI ),
    Certified Christian Chaplain ( NCCA, IFCC, ICA )
    BCBC. ( AACC – AAPPC ), BCPC. ( IBCPC )…

  20. Hello – I am very interested in the M.Div program. I tried to apply but was unable to…need some assistance.

    Mike Honer

  21. Dr. Philip,

    I am a former student and faculty member. I will be publishing my first book within the next week or two, on Kindle. If you have a few moments, I would like to contact you regarding sending an advance copy to you for your opinion. If you could please contact me regarding this (at the email address I have provided) with your email address, I will send it along.

    Thank you in advance.


    Dr. Jacqueline Kuchta

  22. Dear Sir!

    Long ago i was able to find very good apologetic materials from your website. Now we teach and confer apologetic courses in our college. Your materials on apologetics were really helpful. Could you please send us the notes that are related to christian apologetics and evangelism. If you could do the useful, it will be a great thing for the kingdom building we will ever be thankful to you!

    Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ
    Rev. John Selin
    Director, Yeshcol Bible College, Puthucodu, Aruvikarai PO, KK Dist, Tamil Nadu

  23. Dear Dr Johnson C Philip, I sent this following letter to Dr. Zakir Naik, Dr. Praveen Togadia, Mr. M M Akbar, Mr. James Randi,Edamaruk’ son and to our P M Narendra Modiji etc but because our God destroyed their wisdom before Jesus Christ They didn’t replied. I am writing to them since 2008 to these our gentile brothers.

    You please read it and do according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


    Dear Pravin Togadia Ji
    Dear Zakir Naik Ji
    M.M.Akbar ji

    I love you both sincerely because the God Almighty Created us all in His own
    image and likeness to live in love, in peace and cordially.

    Dr Zakir Naik Ji you are a learned religious scholar and also a medical doctor
    but do not believe The Holy Bible is the Word of God. Ok no problem.

    Mr.Togadia Ji you are a politician, by hook or crook you want to see
    your political party (BJP) in power so sincerely working for it. Good, go on.

    Mr. Akbar bhai you are also like Dr. Zakir Naik. I sincerely love you.

    But we the BORN AGAIN Christians of not only our beloved India but around this
    beautiful universe believe WHAT THE HOLY BIBLE SAYS AS IT IS, that is



    As a disciple of Jesus Christ I love you all and wish to see you all in the blessed
    heaven. So I REQUEST to you all, please gather at least 10,000 decent people
    in an open ground any where in India then we will preach to them turn by turn what
    our religious scriptures teaches us ” how we can attain MUKHTI when we die.

    Dear friends we all believe that there is only ONE GOD, so please allow this God to
    make us believe “whose teachings is from HIM by RISING A DEAD TO LIFE.”

    We all will accept that particular GOD AS THE TRUE LIVING GOD who is able to
    confirm any of our TEACHINGS BY RAISING A DEAD TO LIFE. So that we all
    can follow HIS teachings,live in peace and can work for the blessings and
    betterment of our country and its Citizens.

    The ignorats are killing God’s own images in the name of cows, religion, caste and
    creed and politics and compelling the JUST GOD to destroy this beautiful universe.

    By doing these cruelty, injustice and wickedness they forgets they are unknowingly
    walking also towards the most dreaded place i.e. the devastating fire of HELL.

    The true PATRIOTISM is to live a life that find favour and good understanding in
    the sight of GOD and man, it is called the REAL PATRIOTISM.

    God bless you all.

    A Servant of The Savior and the Lord Almighty JESUS CHRIST,

    K. Oommen,
    Caleb’s Grace Cottage, K. Karode,
    Chengannur, Kerala, India

    NB:I will be available at the above given address in September.

  24. march 8

    to secretariat, guruji, sanskriti.vds
    Dear shri shri ji

    I love you because of 2 reasons. 1st is I love every human being lives under the sun
    irrespective of their caste and creed and the 2nd reason is your vision is good.

    I am writing this letter to you because in your lack of knowledge of your Creator the
    real Living God or intentionally you are missguiding many poor precious souls, to
    please a section of our society.

    Shriman ji our maximum life in this wicked world can be a 100 years maximum. After
    that we have to leave this world.

    The fact is with our good works we can not attain SALVATION because we were born in sins
    and are habitual sinners.

    You attained so much fame and comforts. But unfortunately if you die with out accepting
    Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord your ETERNITY is THE TORMENTING FIRE OF HELL. I
    love you so with a hope to save your soul from the eternal sufferings wrote you the eternal truth of God.

    Now it is left to you to accept or reject the truth of God.

    Yes, if you have any doubt to our Creator loving God’s ordained only one way of
    salvation that is JESUS CHRIST, being HE called and separated me to proclaim this
    GOOD NEWS I can definitely get you and to your followers an undeniable sign from our
    Creator Almighty God “even rasing a dead to life”.

    Kindly contact me to this email. Shriman ji I am also a PATRIOT south Indian.

    In Jesus love
    A disciple of Jesus Christ

    Kolenjithekkel Oommen

  25. Dear Mr James Randi

    Because I am a disciple of the Almighty God Jesus Christ I love you and pray for your
    SALVATION. Because I know from the God of the Holy Bible that if any one among
    us those are alive under the sun die today without repenting and accepting with our own
    tongue JESUS CHRIST as our Lord and Savior their place is ETERNAL SUFFERING

    You didn’t believe your Creator’s own ordained this only one of Salvation, that is ok,
    but you teach the poor souls against it. So you just think what could be your sufferings
    in the eternity if the contents of the Holy Bible is true.

    You have kept one million US dollar for those Jesus Christ’s disciples who can prove
    with an undeniable evidence to the public that Jesus Christ is in deed alive.

    So I was writing you since 2008 that you keep that money with you(because this money is
    going to perish with you if you won’t accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior)and arrange a
    public meeting where ever you like to proclaim me the truth of the Holy Bible i.e.JESUS

    When I preach this truth of God, the Almighty God Himself will give you all HIS EVIDENCE
    TO LIFE.

    you never replied me. but when I again wrote to you all the eternal truth of God in God’s
    love on 15th of this month you gave me this reply that I have forwarded with this my mail.

    Randi bhai ( “randi” is a hindi word uses for prostitutes here in my country India) our Creator
    God made you an “EUNUCH” before His son JESUS CHRST. HE compelled you to ran away
    from a simple disciple of His begottn son JESUS CHRIST. You accepted this fact by
    running away from your own given word.

    If you are a man with a strong back bone please send me the necessary sponsor ship papers for
    obtaining me a visiting visa to your country and see whether I reach their with the money from
    my own pocket for my Lord Jesus Christ.

    Randy bhai please don’t challenge your Creator God because you just came from the bloody
    dust but our Creator God is not like us.

    I love you sincerely soI wrote this letter to you

    In God’s love

    A simple disciple of Jesus Christ

    Kolenjithekkel Oommen
    Caleb’s Grace Cottage
    Kodukulanji Karode
    Kerala State, India

  26. l completed my MBS three years ago and couldnt finalise payement. i am now ready to do make payements advise me please what i should do to pay and get my papers and transcript.

  27. My dear and great friend,
    I have had medical issues again and it seems surgery awaits me yet again. This makes over 20 surgeries for me. Anyway I wanted to let you know that I missed going to the site and staying up to date on everything. Uh, I realized that I never got copies of either my Master’s Degree or Doctorate. While I was ill my son tried to keep up with things for me but he also has a life too… Please send me a digital copy of both degrees soon. I don’t want to be a burden but it is very important for me and my family. I hope to be able to apply soon for a faculty position – when I am sure I will have the time to devote. God bless you all,
    ‘Dr Ley”

  28. I have completed all my chemo treatments and am now cancer free. My most recent check up was in November and am now cleared. I have also completed nearly all of the required readings of the ThD program.
    What do I need to do to finalize the Program?
    Over the past five years I have organized two men’s small groups which meet weekly and the other monthly (50 men now); three years doing weekly prison ministry (35 men at Hunt’s Correctional in La; worked with children in public school system (2200 children annually); served as a chaplain for a high school football team (100 young men and 20 gave themselves to Christ); and am teaching Revelation at a Church since September. I really want to finish this degree ASAP. Thank you for your time

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