Evangelizing Students, Lesson 008

Sharing The Gospel Free Course, Lesson 008
Trinity Graduate School, Evangelism Course

Following Up and Next Steps

The life of a new believer is scary and exciting. Their feelings range from amazement and joy, to a sense of ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ It is an important time to communicate to them a few basic habits and concepts that will greatly enrich their spiritual growth. Sharing the Gospel with someone doesn’t end with them receiving Christ!

First, emphasize again that they have entered a relationship. Relationships require time and attention to flourish. Help them to learn how to read the Bible and emphasize that it should be a regular part of their day. Help them set a goal to read the whole Bible as soon as possible, and guide them through the things they find difficult. Students will love this. As a rule, they enjoy learning, and they will learn much reading through the Bible that first time!

Encourage them also to pray. Again, prayer is simply talking with God. Have them practice talking with God, even when they think what they are saying is mundane.

Take them to church and help them get in the habit of going regularly. It is essential for their growth that they have a body of believers to surround them and nurture them. They should also get baptized as a public profession of their relationship with God.

As soon as possible, help them to share the Gospel with others. The college campus is one of the best places in the world for sharing the Gospel, and other students are among the most receptive audiences in the world. Teach them to ask good questions, and help them to deal with learning the answers to hard questions about the Bible and Christianity that they may encounter.

It is also good to reinforce to them that God will never leave them or forsake them, no matter what they do or how they feel. When he is in relationship, it is for the long haul. Read over with them Hebrews 13:5, as well as John 10:28, and also John 1:12. Ask them when a child stops being a child or when a father stops being a father. Those relationships are secure, even if there exists enmity in the relationship. My father will always be my father, even if we are distant. Help them to understand clearly that God will not drop them.


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Sharing The Gospel Free Course, Lesson 008
Trinity Graduate School, Evangelism Course

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