Franklin R. Canada, USA

FCanada I gladly testify to the high quality instruction provided by Trinity. And, I am convinced that no Bible institution of learning in the United States surpasses that of Trinity. I do not believe any even equal. Otherwise I would not have enrolled, in spite of the “no tuition cost”. The quality of instruction is the most important ingredient. The cost, although important, is secondary.

What I enjoy most about Trinity, and what makes it different from most schools, is that one must write what he has learned. That is far superior to memorizing specific information for a standard test.

I am gladly available, in fact, I encourage Trinity to refer potential students to me if they have questions. I truly believe the highest order of worship is studying the Word of God. And I am equally convinced Trinity is God ordained. Therefore, please refer those to me that may be thinking about Trinity but have not yet made up their mind. Should you choose to officially place me on a contact list, please feel free to do so.

Thanks again, for your support and understanding.

Franklin R. Canada
ID: PHD250107 T
PhD in Theology Student
TN 38450-4546, USA

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  1. Thanks for using my comment in your Testimonials. However, please change my address from TN 38450-4546 USA to TN 38469-2365 USA.
    My address has changed.

    Thanks again.

  2. i am enjoying the works of trinity school. i have been reading your works for the past two years. i have learned alot. i only wish i knew you ten years ago
    may god bless this ministry
    Pastor Ian Naidoo
    Missions With A Global Vision
    south Africa

  3. Dearest Brother in Christ,

    I am a minister to Children at a medium sized Southern Baptist church in East Texas. I have a BS degree from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville TX. I am seeking a Masters degree to further my discipleship. I am interested in Trinity, but am concerned about the difference in doctrines, as I believe as southern baptists believe.
    What is the basic denominational belief system predominant to the leaders at Trinity.
    thank you for your time.

  4. Dear Brother Franklin,

    I have read your comments/testimonial about Trinity. I believe that it is a blessed ministry. I am planning to enroll for MTh program, and I am seeking some more confirmation regarding the quality of the education. How does Trinity’s curriculum compare to a Seminary like Dallas Theological Seminary or Southwestern Baptist Seminary? Can you explain? I really appreciate your guidance in helping me make my decision.

    Henry Mathews

  5. Hi Brother Franklin
    I have just been accepted by Trinity to study a
    Last year November 2012, I completed my second degree with Impact Christian University in Baton Rouge USA
    So I’m study fit
    I what wish to ask you now many hours of study did you have to do to per day?
    As I am in the full time ministry and business, my days are full
    Thank you for your responsive
    God bless,
    Your Brother in Christ Jesus out Lord!
    Joseph Elijah Schüllimein Von Schönfeldt

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