Free Course: Muslim Apologetics 005

Muslim Apologetics Free Course, Lesson 005


Muslims accuse Jews and Christians to have changed the Bible, altered or corrupted it. “How can the Bible be the true Word of God if it has been changed by the people in the past ages?” (Wieland no year: 172). The first thing to do when you are confronted by this accusation is that you have to ask the accuser to give you more than two evidences apart from the holy Qur’an that the Bible is changed. Ask questions such when was it changed? Who changed it and at what place? Can you give examples of passages which were changed? What were the original words on those passages? Insist that he should answer these questions.

The most available evidence to a Muslim is the Qur’an. Muhammad did not give evidence of how the scriptures were altered. In response the apologist should tell and ask the accuser that he will give the Muslim four reasons to show the Bible was not changed. The first reason should come from the Qur’an (Surah 35:31) which says it was written to confirm the Bible. How can the Qur’an defend a document which was corrupted? The confirming of the Qur’an to the Bible is the first evidence that the Bible is not corrupted or changed.

Secondly, the Qur’an urge Jews and Christians to have faith in the Bible (Surah 3:84, 119; 4:136). Why does it urge Jews and Christians to the teaching of the Bible, if it is a corrupted document?(Surah 5:66, 68). The Qur’an says the Torah and the Gospel is God’s revelation (Surah 5:45, 47). Why are the two parts of the Bible (Torah and the Gospels) called God’s revelation if they were corrupted?

Thirdly, the scientific discipline called textual criticism has verified that the Bible is not corrupted through abundant Hebrew and Greek text (Wieland no year: 173).

Fourthly, ask the debater whether he is aware of the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947? “The Hebrew text of the Old Testament has been strikely verified by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, beginning in 1947. these manuscripts, preserved in caves in the dry atmosphere of the Dead Sea area, were written approximately 100 years before the time of Christ …The discovery proves beyond doubt that the Jews in no way altered or corrupted the Old Testament, for the Dead Sea Scrolls substantiate the Hebrew text as the Jews have preserved it. The honoured Qur’an does not deny this fact” (Wieland No Year: 173).

The New Testament has been confirmed of its accuracy by the discovery of the papyrus manuscripts at Faiyum in Egypt in the 1930s. The fragment has also been discovered of the Gospel of John. It was written within the lifetime of the Emperor Trajan. Comparison with the NT gospel of John has the same message. These discoveries confirmed the New Testament itself (Wieland No year: 173).

The Hebrew copyists counted the number of letters to each passage which they translated. They were not in the hurry in translating the biblical manuscripts. This enabled them to produce biblical documents which were not corrupted. “They considered it to be a terrible sin to alter anything, even like crossing of a t or the doting of an i” (Wieland No year: 173).

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1 thought on “Free Course: Muslim Apologetics 005

  1. From previous discussion with Muslim people have been told that thy recognize bible as a prophetic book.Yet our Christ thy recognize as a prophet only .
    In addition Dead Sea Scrolls which where 1000 years old when thy have been translated it was find the translation was radar correct with some wording needed to update .

    At II Timothy 3:16-17

    “ All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work.”

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