Getting Started With Your Studies

CRG wishes students to start their studies as soon as they able to. Here is the way this is done

  • Fifteen to twenty Modules of text material are sent as email attachment as soon as the registration fees is received.
  • The same materials are sent to installment candidates on receiving the first installment, and to work-scholarship candidates on receiving their first weekly report.
  • Work scholarship candidates get the first set of course-material after they send in the first report. Thus they should send in a request for course material with their first report.
  • Once the Hard copy of the application is received in the Office, it is processed and then a set of 20 to 60 CDs, or more, is sent to them. It takes two to four weeks to send these CDs, and the Priority Air Mail takes two to four weeks for delivery. [In some countries the mail remains with the customs office and students get it only after 3 to 6 months after we send it, something we cannot help].
  • Those paying in installments and those on work-scholarship are sent the CDs according a Protocol, which will be sent to them via email.
  • Students should begin their studies immediately on receiving the first set of lessons by emails. They should not wait till the CDs arrive. CRG syllabus is heavy, and the students should not miss any time once they join the school.

CRG Text Material And CDs: CRG always keeps improving and adding to the material so as to meet its goal of Excellence, Ease, and efficiency. The power of the electronic revolution, and the compact Discs are harnessed to attain these goals.

In the pre-CD era the student had to buy expensive textbooks upsetting the financial balance and had to spend countless hours a week in the library, upsetting one’s time-table. However, that is no longer required. CRG supplies almost everything to students on CDs, and that also totally free of cost. Here are the CDs that we send to our students:

  • We will send your text-based study material as download. There are thousands of Textbooks and tens of thousands of articles and books meant for Rapid Reading. While the text for Rapid Reading can be used directly, the Textbooks for study are in encrypted form and the students will require a password (or multiple password) to gain access to them.
  • We will send several audio-CDs in MP3and other audio formats. These lectures have been sourced from some of the best teachers worldwide.
  • We will send several video CDs, some as part of text as some for your spiritual encouragement.
  • We will send one or more libraries on CDs. Depending upon the course in which you are enrolled, these libraries will contain anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of manuscripts.
  • We will send at least one CD based electronic Bible to every student. Those in advanced programs will be given multiple Bible-CDs, including Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bibles.

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