How Best To Study A Module

As for studies – I have found the easiest way is to read a module from one end to the other – then set it aside a day or two. Then go back and take your time readings and highlighting the key areas from each paragraph(s). By the time you have finished you will begin to see that you already, in many cases, have more that a couple thousand words underlined. From that you begin forming complete thoughts that ties together many of those underlined areas. You’ll find that you have completed the required work within a short time.

As a general practice – you should be able to complete one module per week – and it does get easier the more often that go through the different modules. The problem with most students is that they read too much into the requirements and therefore loose site of the objective. No-one expects you to remember the modules word-for-word however, the student should comprehend the material’s overall meaning (lesson learned) so that you are able to defend the subject or talk with conviction of knowing the material.

If you have difficulties – then don’t be afraid to ask someone for guidance after all it is our duty to – Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. – Gal 6:2 Of course Paul had other burdens in mind when he wrote it, but when you get bogged down in studies it can sometimes feel like you have too many burdens to carry.

Dennis A Jones
Senior Mentor

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