Objections to the Gospel Examined, Free Course

(Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology, Free Online Course. See the menu at the top for Graduate course information). Every Christian, if serious about walking with God, will come up against statements like these at some time or another. Every single person outside the family of God has one or more objections to the Gospel. Some objections, like those above, are obvious and easily articulated. Some are deeper within the person – perhaps ignorance to the person of Jesus, or rooted in a hurtful encounter in times past. Either way, it is the duty of the sincere believer to answer any encountered objections with truth, tact, and wisdom. If the free courses interest you, then you will surely be benefited by our more in-depth Bible, theology, ministry, and apologetics graduate programs. You can access detailed information about these programs from the menu given in the header of this website.

Objections to the Gospel, Bible/Apologetics Course:

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