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Specifc Questions About Our Doctrinal Position

  • Your name, Calvin Research Group makes me believe you teach a Calvinist or TULIP belief system. Is this correct? Of the two theological positions [Calvinism and Arminianism] we have a strong inclination towards Calvinism. However this does not mean that we elevate John Calvin and his teachings to the position of the Scriptures. Calvin was as fallible as we are in doctrinal matters.
  • Our students include a large number of people from the Armenian camp, and they do not find our inclination to Calvinism a problem in studying with us. We send them textbooks of our choice, and assess them on the basis of the quality of their performance, not on the basis of adherence to any kind of dogma.

  • Do you hold that the King James Bible is the ONLY correct version for english speaking people or is your course designed to allow students to use the version they want? We usually quote from the King James version. This is because it is the most commonly available translation. We are not KJV-only people. We encourage our students to use all the other reliable translations such as NASB, ASV, Darby, etc.

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  1. Hello and Greetings in the Name of our Precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    I was inquiring as to if you also had undergraduate degrees available? I would like to one day enter graduate school , but first I need to get a undergraduate degree. Thank you for your advice.

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