Philip T. Stevens, Florida, USA

Philip T. Stevens, DBS060208T
Florida, USA

PhilipSt250 My name is Philip T. Stevens, DBS candidate studying with Trinity Graduate School of Theology and Apologetics since March 2008. I was in the beginning very concerned about the information on the website being too good to be true. The offer of a Theology Graduate School offering, master’s and doctoral degrees, text material via free downloads, and mentoring for just a registration fee seemed incredible to me at first. I did follow up researching the schools accreditation, my mentor Dr. Philips background, and the testimonies of some of the students before I took my leap of faith.

At this point, since March 2008 thru April 2009, I have completed and submitted 2 groupings of 5 assignments for evaluation and am working toward completing my 3rd grouping of another 5 assignments. I have found my own pace in this study. I will not finish in two years as many students do, however to me it’s more about the journey with our Lord, the missionaries, pastors, authors and the other unmentioned skills that come as a result of this journey through a better understanding of Christ, God and His world.

Trinity programs are academically rigorous. The student will not be spoon nourished!! This does require an attention to detail for the duration of the course at your pace in order to finish in the required time. I have been extremely satisfied with the program and guidance from Dr. Philip; he is always available by e-mail. One must understand that all the staff (only 40) is volunteering their personal valuable time and capital toward a tremendous population of students, so there may be times when service could be slower than normal. However, I have found the materials, textbooks to be extremely helpful in my studies and other volunteer endeavors. These studies have provided me with a much greater comprehension of all the great religions of the world. Trinity School of Theology is Calvinistic and dispensational, and has allowed me to express my own personal theology in the assignments, of course with adequate justification and reference of my thought process.

As with any college program an individual has to put forth a greater effort in order to receive a better result. The results in this case are ultimately for our Lord Jesus Christ. We are on the same team here at Trinity, the same goals and outcomes because we are the body of Christ. When I first inquired about the program at Trinity, students came forth to help me with any questions that I had, I found this very helpful and inclusive. Please let me make myself available to you, if you decide that this program at Trinity is right for you. Please remain calm through the application process and processing your course work. Once that’s complete the course work begins, utilize your time in reviewing the website examples and setting up your studies, I pray that this program will be just as satisfying for you as it has been for me.


Philip T. Stevens, DBS060208T






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6 thoughts on “Philip T. Stevens, Florida, USA

  1. I am waiting and wishing that I can start the program immediately.Can my final admission be hastened.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your comments. I am considering taking the Master’s in Theology. Are you still pleased with the program at Trinity? What is the difference between Trinity and John Walvoord school?

  3. Hi,

    Could you please clarify your statement regarding the assignments that you have completed and submitted 2 groupings of 5 assignments for evaluation. I enrolled in Dec 2009 and my instruction was that I was to submit ALL the assignments together after completing everything and not by parts. Is this a new policy or am I missing something here ?


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