Rev Joel Nzioki Mutuku, Kenya

Joel Nzioki Mutuku
Nairobi 00506, Kenya

Course: Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology ( Integrated program)

Date started: Dec 2006

Experience with Trinity:

Joel I was seeking some training in theology because of pastoral work, which continually requires that a minister be prepared: ‘ Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth’ (2Ti 2:15, KJV). However, because I also have a secular full time job and I have a family, I did not want to be away from the family and work, hence an online course came to mind. I searched on the net and came across a college which was offering the kind of program I was seeking, but surprisingly at very low price, or practically tuition- free. The only fee charged mainly a one-time registration fee as an indication of commitment. This looked too good to be true! The college explains the rationale for the registration fees that is set.

I have been on the program for more than a year and I am making steady progress and as the school warns, progress depends very much on personal effort and interest. The text material is quite heavy and covers many aspects of Theology and the Bible, with a strong bias on Apologetics, which was new to me. Once registration is compete and the one- time payment is made, the school sends the student all the text materials for the selected course and once downloaded, the student can start immediately. The course is very deep and since the student must summarize every textbook and write a critique, one is required to read through every textbook, enhancing subject knowledge and grasp. Unlike regular schools where a student only reads select portions of text books, this course requires a student to study every text book since grading will be based in the summary and critique submitted. Grades are sent for subjects covered once the student submits the assignments, and the feedback received helps one to know if they are on track or not.

The Audio materials are sent on CDs later and the MP3 format is very good. The student is also given free access to numerous reference material, maps, and even free downloadable e-books for further reading, personal growth and knowledge. This is very encouraging and is ministry by itself to the body of Christ.

The institution also provides an online discussion forum where students and faculty can interact, share their experiences and other general queries. Many universities are now offering online courses, and this is the trend worldwide, hence the approach of the college is in line with the current times.

I would recommend the Trinity program to any minister of the Gospel, who seeks pocket friendly but quality theological training but feels they do not have time for full time college attendance.

In Christ

Rev Joel Nzioki
Mth & ThD student
Nairobi, Kenya

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  1. i am a christain man from ethiopia who was desperately searching for a theological degree because i believed that if i know the bible more i will be able to serve the Lord with insight. a friend of mine said that there is a graduate school in the net which i need to consider.i went for i and applied forMBS and i was told that if i invite five individuals to the seminary i will get tuition free education,i could’nt sleep till i get five interested individuals who can apply and i got them!!i was immediately granted the MBS BUT I ALSO WANTED TO GET THE DBS also and i wrote to Dr. johnson.C.philip and he kindly replied that if i can get five more people who want apply i will get the DBS also this was beyond i imagined and i contacted christain friends who are more than happy to be informed and applied.ultmately i was granted DBS!!!WHAT I WANT TO SAY FINALLY IS I BLESS THE ENTIRE STAFF OF TRINTY IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. I PROMISE THAT I WILL PROPAGATE YOUR VISIONS AND WORK IN ETHIOPIA

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