Richard Gagnon, Canada

Hi Randy,
To answer your questions, yes I have started my programs (I am working on two at the same time — Masters in Theology and Doctor of Theology). I was already a BTh as yourself. The program depends on what you want to achieve in the future.

For the accreditation, as it is always the case in all universities around the world, the acceptation depends on the rules of the future school we would like to attend. For example, even here in Quebec, it is possible to do a BTh in SEMBEQ (Montreal) and not to be fully accepted (I mean all the credits transferable) in another seminary even in Quebec (for example, Farel Reformed Theological Seminary, Laval). I know this because it was the path I followed through these two last Seminaries before being at Trinity, India. So it is with all universities around the world. There is always a policy that we must keep in mind. In Canada, if I am right (I am sure in Quebec), a seminary could transfer up to 30% of our program (even a completed one) and requires of us to do the rest with them for their qualification standard. In that sense, Trinity in India has not to be suspected. They just follow the norm. One thing is sure, however.

As it is preferable to study in a university or seminary recognized by our country (as Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, etc.), so it is with Trinity in India. They are recognized by the department of higher education. They are very qualified to assure you a solid program. The more I work and contact them, the more I see the reality of what I am saying. You can trust me and above all, them.

Now, of course, as you probably noticed in browsing their website they are specialized in Apologetics and Theology, so you can work with them to achieve your M.Div. without any problem. The material is very good. I received, in the past, some insights from another student in Canada and from one of USA and they told me the same thing, before I enrolled. Don’t worry about the faculty. They are very strong and reliable. All are Doctors in their respective field of expertise. It is almost unbelievable because of the fees, but it is nevertheless true. They match any seminary that would like to give the same program. You will be given two mentors to assist you and when you write, they answer fast. It has always been the case with me and I do not see why it would be different with you.

Another thing, they own many other good christian websites with tremendous possibility for our enrichment in learning. For the correction of your exams/assignments you have not to be always in agreement with what they hold in their doctrinal convictions (though I see them as very conservative and solid). If you have a good argument and work well, they will be able to recognize your ability to hold your position. They could give you some advices once and a while, but it is just interesting and profitable for a higher degree of learning for everyone anyway. Knowing that they are doctors too, they have something to say in a specific subject.
As you asked, I will be happy to keep in touch with you for discussions and exchanges as you wish. I am a baptist pastor in Canada and believe in continuous training in biblical study. God teaches us through His Word and through other christians as well. We are all necessary.

In conclusion, I wish you the best and may the God of the Bible use once more Trinity to achieve his holy will in your life and ministry, to the glory of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Richard Gagnon, Canada
[Student, MTh+ThD Integrated Program]

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