Sample Of Student Assignments

TGSAT follows an innovative way of training and open-book examination based upon modern insights into teaching and study methods. Most students who come from traditional schools of education find this approach totally different from what they have been exposed to so far, and request that a sample be furnished.

With this in mind, we requested Bruce Wade and Dr. Frederick Jones two of our best students to allow us to post their assignments on the net, and they graciously allowed us to do so. We will not reveal the grades they received, but we wish to assure you that they are two of the best. Here are their submissions:

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2 thoughts on “Sample Of Student Assignments

  1. I appreciated the sample lesson submitted for our perusal, it aided me in understanding the expected submitals. Thank you very much for allowing me to view this excellent work.

  2. Thank you for the sample. It is well organized and compact .But what I did not find in the sample is how the writer is going to use the material.

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