ThD Doctor of Theology: ThD  is an  advanced  level theological diploma course where one goes deeper into topics related to Bible and Theology. The course is suitable for people who already have a good background in theology.
Admission Requirements A masters degree in any subject, but preferably in theology. In case your masters is not in theology, we  will  send  additional  course  material  (if needed) to take care of the  theological deficiency.
Time Available You have 2 years to complete the course at an accelerated pace. In case you fail to complete the course in 2 years, you can renew for up to three years on payment of an annual renewal fees.
Syllabus All the textbooks and reading-materials listed below are given via free downloads. You do not have to buy anything. Each numbered textbook shown below is a “Course Module” worth 1 to 3 credit hours.
Essential Apologetics Essential Apologetics is a set of course modules which every student of Trinity needs to study once. This means that whatever the diploma which you join, you need to study this first and then take other courses. Essential Apologetics is listed at the beginning of every diploma program to indicate that no student is exempt from studying them. You need to study them only once, even if you join multiple diploma programs.

Course Modules:

  • M01A1 Introduction
  • M02A1 Presuppositions
  • M03A1 History
  • M04A1 Canon
  • M05A1 Revelation


  • M10A1 Intro to Tools
  • M10A2 Preparation
  • M10P1 What is Proof
  • M11A1 Errors of Interp
  • M12A1 Bible Difficulties
  • M13A1 Science Difficulties
  • M14A1 Propaganda Analysis
  • M15A1 Manipulation Analysis
  • M16A1 Manipulation Resisting
  • M17A1 Logic & Errors
  • M18A1 Debating Techniques
  • M19A1 Resisting Debate
  • M20A1 Leading Questions
  • M20U1 Using Apologetics

Course Modules:

  • THD01 Jesus And History
  • THD02 Bible Difficulties
  • THD03 Intro To Logic II
  • ThD03B Logic & Analysis
  • THD04 Christianity and Contemporary Attacks
  • THD05 Theism & Open Theism
  • THD06 Christianity & Culture
  • THD07 Epistemology
  • THD08 Presuppositionalism Intro
  • THD09 Contemporary Debates
  • THD10 Trinity & Contextualization
  • THD11 Uniqueness of Bible
  • THD12 Evolution
  • Apologetics Readings (81 Documents, Provided)

Course Modules:

  • THD21 The Bible As Scripture
  • THD22 History of the Bible
  • THD25 Haggai
  • THD26  Zachariah
  • THD31 Sermon on the Mount
  • THD32 Romans
  • THD33 Philippians
  • THD34 Christology of Epistles

Course Modules:

  • THD40 Inductive Bible Study
  • THD41 Exegesis
  • THD42 Parables_I
  • THD43 Parables_II
  • THD44 Dispensational Hermen
  • THD45 Rapture and Revelation
  • THD46 Homiletics
  • Hermeneutics Readings (9 Documents, Provided)

Course Modules:

  • THD51 Christian Faith & Freedom
  • THD52 Pornography And Society
  • THD53 Modern Theol of God
  • THD54 Christ and Culture

  • THD55 Theol Foundation of Law

Course Modules:

  • THD61 Intro to Philosophy
  • THD62 Evangelicalism & Philosophy
  • THD63 Theism
  • THD64 God And Evil
  • THD65 Paganism and Chr Faith
  • THD66 Philosophy and Pornography
  • THD067 Chr Philosophy of Science

Course Modules:

  • THD71 Christianity
  • THD72 The Bible
  • THD73 The Quran

Course Modules:

  • THD80/81 Syst Theology II
  • THD82 Bibliology II
  • THD83 Justification By Faith II
  • THD84 Hamartiology
  • THD85 God the Father
  • THD86 Christ’s Atoning Death
  • THD87 Spiritual Warfare
  • THD88 Eschatology And Olivet Discourse
  • THD89 Biblical Foundations
Topical Studies

Course Modules:

  • THD91 Life of Christ I
  • THD92 Life Of Paul I

Course Modules:

  • THD95 Evangelical Worldview
General Reading

Course Modules:

  • 9 Books (Provided. Read and report. No assignment needed)
Practical Work The student will have to develop and submit two courses of 6 to 10 lessons, similar to what can be seen at Apologetics Courses or Free Courses. They should choose the subject soon after joining Trinity.


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  1. I have received the books for my ThD. I have started reading them and I have really Thanked my God that He led me to Trinity. I will study all my work first for my personal spiritual growth and then for my ministry that the Lord has called me to. I lecture at a seminary in Kenya. In my evaluation, the material is the very best for anyone who really want to serve the Lord with much effectiveness. Thanks so much Dr. Philip and the Team for accepting the Lord to make you a blessing to many around the world. God bless. Kibii a. Maiyo

  2. What are the registration fees for the ThD and do you not still offer the PhD?

  3. I praise God for this golden opportunity and I will be eagerly waiting to start my study as soon as you send me the course materials. Blessings!

  4. I want to join a doctoral degree in theology. Kindly let me know how to apply and the other requirements thereof.

  5. Sir,
    I wish to do ThD.
    May I know whether you are charging any fees for the course or examination, directly or indirectly.

    Thank You,

    Robin Abraham
    Kerala – India

  6. Sirs,

    Let me know the small registration fees is applicable for registration. Also, is there any examination-fee, or fee for issuing Certificate ?


  7. Dear Dr Johnson C Philip,
    thanks a lot for letting me in in Trinity. I already finished the first assignment and I feel great, the level of the texts are awesome, really. You can think that because it is free is easy. Well, you are wrong. You need to read and study a lot and you need lot of discipline because is not an easy thing to study alone.
    God Bless you trinity, I know there is a beautiful reward for you here or in eternity.
    Franklin Iriarte

  8. I am thankful to the Lord for an opportunity Trinity offers to the Christian community; equipping the saints for the work of service. I received my doctoral materials last Month but settle down to start work today, its amazing the materials available for free

  9. I am extremely gratified with the information that I have gleaned from just the courses in the “M” module section it far surpasses the data I received while attending a classroom style course. Thank you, Trinity for all the work done to make these courses so informative.

  10. Dear Sir,

    I am from Mumbai, India. I have done my Post Graduation in Human Resource Management, can i still be considered for this program….i am very keen. I am a Ccorporate Trainer by profession and go to the Free Methodist Church in Mumbai.

    I will appreciait if you could kindly revert to my email.

    Have a blessed day.

    Smeeta Rangwani
    +91 9833881254

  11. Thank you Dr Philip and your team members for being a source of blessing to me and the rest of the world, please can I proceed to ThD after my MBS? Thank you. Samson from Nigeria.

  12. Thank you for the intro to the DTh program.

    In case of any further information, please let me know

  13. Dear Dr Johnson C Philip,
    I am Pastor J. A. Patrick Rodricks aged 41, in the ministry of church ministry and pioneering new churches in the villages of Karnataka as this is the God given vision to me.
    I am very much interested in studying deeper truth systematically but unfortunately I could do only my B.TH and later I was not able to do due to my financial limitation.
    I Praised God finding this wonderful site with a great heart of giving free courses. I would appreciate to get into DTh as I am in the field of ministry for the past 12 years. I have a church and two small sister church in Karnataka (South India)I am assured that I can take up this course and study well.
    I will appreciate if you give me an opportunity to study God Word in your esteemed seminary and I will be a blessing to our community.
    Kindly let me know what is the next step that I have to take?
    Thanking you
    God bless you richly
    In Him
    Pastor Patrick

  14. Dear Sir,
    I am Rev Gideon Mukhia and am the Senior Pastor of the Church.
    I am the holder of Master of Theology and I would like to do the Th.D.
    Kindly help me in this regard.
    Thank you!
    Rev Gideon Mukhia

  15. Dear Sirs,
    I wish to advance my study to ThD. Currently I hold 2 Master degrees: a Master of Commerce from UNSW Sydney, and a MA in Missiology from Evangelical Theological School of Indonesia (ETSI/STII).
    Please kindly inform me on the eligibility to enter the ThD program and any matriculation required, together with any applicable fcc. Thank yo

  16. Hi, I feel great reading about the Trinity college. I look forward to being admitted into the Doctor of Theology course. May God bountifully bless the vessels that God used in starting this splendid College.

  17. I was previously registered at your great institution, and due to unforseen circumstances had to stop while doing my first course. My question is, do I have to re-register. Also, my focus was the Phd in the Philosophy of Theology, and I would like to know if it still exist. My previous application and registration can be emailed to you. God Bless.

  18. Dear Friends,

    The way course work is designed is aworesome. I am interested in knowing about how the program starts?



  19. Iam Rev. Pieirre Barthelus,iam so greatful to find this site to continue my education in the pastoral field.and also,iam so glad to get my ThD with you guys. Thanks,May God bless you all!

  20. I am most exited about my study at trinity. One of the best things that happened to my ministry was my enrolment with trinity. My knowledge of the Christian faith and the Bible suddenly expanded and I know that I am more informed than my colleages.
    Thank you very much. My trouble however is that, it is just impossible for me to send money to trinity whenever I need to.
    I am so greatfull to God for trinity.

  21. Dear Brother in Christ,
    I have forwarded my initial application to get an addmission in youe esteemed seminary. I have applied for M.Th. But after going through your other courses I wish to do my ThD as I have a master degree in Eng. Moreover I have an Associate Certificate in Biblical Studies from India Theological seminary, Brahmavar, India. So I would appreciate you if you could provide me an opportunity to do ThD from your seminary. As I have mentioned in my first mail, Maldives being a 100% Muslim country does not provide any spiritual food. I wish my ambition to study Gods word will surely be satisfied by your esteemed institution. Thanking God Almighty for the opportunity and upholding you to the mighty hands of God…
    I remain with the hope of your earliest reply.
    With prayers,
    Wilson Thomas

  22. I wish to join THD. What do I need to do for it. I am from a Third World country, do I need to pay any fees for the course? I will be glad if you give me an opportunity to do THD at your institution. I did my BD from India and M.A. in Mission Studies from UK.Hope to hear from you.

    With regards and prayer.
    S. Pholia.

  23. I have a Masters degree in Public Administration from University of Malaya. I am interested to apply for a free Doctorate in Theology degreee from your university. I am currently a bible teacher in a private christian school in Malaysia. Thanks

  24. I would like to receive a doctoral degree. I have very little money but seek to do my Father’s will. I am crippled in one leg and also must take care of my sick mother. If you can help me to receive a degree I would be full of joy. Sincerely, Robert Dwayne Phelps

  25. Dearly beloved, I have provided the requirements per admission into the ThD program, but have never had any response yet. Please I know your workload is much. Kindly give attention to my request. Thank you very much.

  26. Hi I need to rejester for your degree in theology how do I go about doing it

  27. To my brother and sisther in christ i will like to get admission into your seminary to get my ThD degree in Theology. I have been a Pastor for (11yds.) and God had me to start this church form the ground floor up and i have a small group of church member that is with me, so i do not do it for the money because i do not get pay, but i do it for the love of GOD!!also i have my Bachelor and Master of Theology Degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary. so can you please help me get admission into this outstanding Seminary because i know other pastor that have got their degree for you, so cen you kindly give attention to my request GOD BLESS!!

  28. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity. I do have MA in leadership. I need further study in theology(PhD.)I need distance education in theology.I need to study my education freely because I decided to serve my lord in rural and towns. I do have web site and additional email addressee I am waiting for your response
    Fikru Worku from Ethiopia

  29. I have an MTh from the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary and DMin from Sioux Falls Seminary and I am interested in your ThD or PhD in Biblical Expository Preaching. Does this discipline exit in your institution? Can I be offered a research program in either of these programs? Are they absolutely tuition-free? Thanks.

  30. I want to joint for Doctor of Theology. I was a student of M.phil/ ph.d but I gave up due to my economical and social problems. Now Iwant to do Doctor of Theology course by distance education.Plese tell me how to do registrations.

  31. I have just finished reading the course studies and the thought of completing the program, has filled my heart with Unspeakable Joy!!! The two year program is a better fit for me Currently, I hold a MSW and a MDiv., and I was searching for an accelerated doctorate program that would complete my interest. Thank God for leading me to this site and confirming the direction I am to go. God bless you and I look forward to speaking with someone soon.

  32. Our programs are not accredited. We do not want our theological programs to be accredited by any non Christian body

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