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Trinity has an autonomous French language branch based in Canada. Richard Gagnon, pastor, author and theologian is the Director of Trinity French branch. He is also a Senior Mentor with Trinity International.

Students who wish to study a personally mentored course of Trinity in the French language are encouraged to visit the website of Trinity French Branch to know more details. Please, note that the material is in English even if students can write their assignments in French.

Pastor Gagnon, the Director, is authorized to do all transactions, send course material, mentor students, discipline them, and do all what is necessary to run this branch based in Canada. All programs offered from Canada are “mentored” programs and you will always have access to your personal mentor.

Trinity or its branches do not charge any tuition fees. However, a nominal “mentoring-fees” is payable by students from developing countries who opt to Join Trinity French Division based in Canada (please, contact the Canadian office for more details). All French language students are personally mentored in French by a qualified instructor.   For other countries, contact the office to see how much it would cost you to study through a "mentored program". The email addresses to contact the Canadian office are the following: or

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