Will A Degree Ensure A Job

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Question: Will a degree from Trinity ensure me a job or ministry placement. What is the record of your graduates.

Answer: The purpose of Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is NOT to offer job-oriented programs. TGSAT is here to enrich you and equip you through theological and biblical education, and not to make you job-worthy.

Join Trinity if your primary purpose is to:

  • Enrich yourself spiritually
  • Prepare yourself for greater influence in the world through a better understanding of Bible and theology
  • Prepare yourself as a better tool of the Holy Spirit

If you seek theological training primarily for job placement or professional appointment then:

  • Look for an institution in your own country
  • Do not look for free training. Preparing a student for the job-market is an extremely commercialized operation and no tuition-free institution can do such a thing for you

If you are looking for the track record of our students then:

  • You are looking at the wrong institution
  • We do not keep a record of the commercial success of our students

In summary, if you are looking for theological training to equip yourself for the job market in your country, then look to an institution in your country and be ready to pay $150 to 300 per credit hour for a minimum of 30 to 45 credit hours of study.

Trinity graduates have done exceptionally well in all walks of life, but we would not use that as a selling-point of Trinity. Rather, we would want you to look at our academic and spiritual quality and apply only on the basis of that.

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5 thoughts on “Will A Degree Ensure A Job

  1. I thank GOD for this school and pray he will richly bless you for I know he will meet all of your needs,

  2. I greatly thank GOD for this institution and the wonderful people who offered their time to be used by GOD to invest in my life. I pray that GOD blesses you as a team and specially shield HIS comfort and strength on Dr. J.C. Philip. May you fulfill your purpose as it was written long before you came to being.

  3. No degree can assure anyone a job. The church must accept you.
    That is why you are ask for an interview. The one person (s)
    hiring can see you and hear your speak. You are not judge on your grades only. Your appearance and your voice also counts towards you getting the dream job. Sometimes being married also helps with getting the job. It all depends on what the church is looking for. If they like you even your advanced age will not be a problem. If you show yourself as a Godly person with a great knowledge of the bible and a clear,pleasant speaking voice you will probably get the job. WB

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